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Thousands of sellers save on shipping for their stores and marketplaces including:

Still using built-in shipping software?
Time to send it packing.

Every time you ship, you gain valuable data — data that’s currently being wasted by your built-in shipping software. ShippingEasy puts that data to work to help you create powerful and effective marketing campaigns and inventory automation to give you the leg up. All running hand-in-hand with the easiest, most beloved shipping platform on the planet. It’s your shipping data. Use it, or lose it.

You will save time and money on shipping.

Exclusive Rate Discounts

Receive USPS discounted rates and all services USPS offers with your FREE USPS Postage account ($15.99/mo value).

Seamless Integration

Works perfectly within all major shopping carts, platforms, and marketplaces.

Workflow Automation

Put an end to one-by-one shipping. Robust shipping automation takes the worry and human error out of your shipping processes.

Email marketing done right.

Templates that Work

Our full library of professionally-designed drag-and-drop templates are fully customizable to your brand and proven to work. Includes welcome emails, product recommendations, holiday sales, newsletters, and more.

Automated Email Campaigns

Automatically send marketing emails as orders are processed. Related products, upsells, winbacks, coupons, product reviews and more—all sent automagically.

Product Review Requests

Increase sales with product review request emails that automatically trigger at the right time, every time.

Interactive Dashboards

View key metrics about your campaigns in a flash. See revenue generated, customer acquisitions, email open rates and more, all in one happy place.

Our email customers have an average ROI of +5,000%. Seriously.

Your inventory, managed.

Accurate inventory and timely fulfillment

Advanced inventory management automatically updates and sync product quantities to sales. Say buh-bye to out-of-stock warnings and hello to increased customer satisfaction.

Purchase orders that practically write themselves

A supplier database matched to your products means fast and accurate re-orders and purchase orders that can be created, sent, and updated on the fly.

At-a-glance dashboard

No need to waste time searching for the important reports and metrics. There they are, right in front of you!

Bundle like a boss

ShippingEasy enables you to generate both kits and bundles, even if your e-commerce platform doesn’t support them.

Support from actual humans.

Setup is a snap.

It’s pretty easy to get started on your own, but if you prefer a human touch, we’ll talk you through every click.

Free onboarding and training.

Get personalized onboarding and support from a team of shipping specialists available by phone, email, and chat.


Our experts are ridiculously good at answering them. Try us.

Review by Tanya B.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

June 26, 2018


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shipping Easy. The Best Shipping & Email Marketing Program ever created all in one! Having been in business for over 20 years I have used many different shipping programs, nothing has ever come close to the abilities of what ShippingEasy can do."

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Review by Andrew P.

General Knot & Co

June 26, 2018


"In the 5 years we've been using ShippingEasy, it has saved us countless hours in creating shipping labels, return labels and tracking packages. We've also begun using their email marketing and have found it easy to use and very functional with the ability to segment customer buying habits."

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Review by Bryan T.

SkateXS Skateboards

July 18, 2018


"I run 2 distinct Shopify stores and my amazon marketplace, all from my single dashboard. We ship many thousands of packages domestically and internationally using UPS, DHL and USPS. I've personally used ShippingEasy every single work day since I signed up 6 years ago!"

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Review by Thad H.

Information Technology

February 20, 2018


"There has been a profound impact to the cost savings within my operations due to the removal of most friction within my shipping label workflow. Eliminating multiple page loads and providing a batched funnel has saved me more than the software and service will ever cost."

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Review by David B.

Discounted Vape Products

June 21, 2018

G2 Crowd

"Their Customer Service Department is Second to none, they are the best. Very easy shipping software and tracking my inventory keeping my websites inventory up to date is a must have feature."

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