Say it. Ship it.

The ShippingEasy skill for Amazon Alexa. Print labels, packing slips and ship orders with just your voice.

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We Speak Shipping. Now You Can, Too.

  • Alexa, what is my oldest order?
  • Alexa, buy and print label.
  • Alexa, print all packing slips.
  • Alexa, buy $50 in USPS postage.
  • Alexa, how many orders do I have?
  • Alexa, print a pick list for all open orders.

Get Started in 3 Steps!

Enable the ShippingEasy Skill

Open the Amazon Alexa app or visit Enable the ShippingEasy skill at Amazon. Select 'Skills' and search for ShippingEasy. Select 'Enable'.

Link Your ShippingEasy Account

Enter your ShippingEasy username and password. You may be prompted to authorize this skill on the next screen — click ‘Authorize’ to proceed.

Start Talking!

Chat with Amazon Alexa by using commands like “Buy and print a label,” “What’s my last order?” or “How many orders do I have?”

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