Automated Shipping with Quickbooks Integration

Save time and money with ShippingEasy. Orders download in real time and rules streamline carrier, service and package selections. Quickly fulfill orders placed on your website and marketplaces, batch label print and more! A fully customizable shipping solution with savings of up to 46% off postage built in and renown customer service.

ShippingEasy = Automation + Savings


  • Increase productivity by automating
  • Map orders based on IF/THEN statements
  • For example, IF parcel >2lbs. THEN map to specific carrier
  • Customize your mapping based on order status, carrier, weight, customer shipping preferences and more


  • Enjoy the best rates on USPS – up to 46% off
  • FREE postage account included in every plan, or bring your own
  • No volume commitment, no annual audit – ever