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Cheapest Carrier in 2017: 2-3 Day Shipping Rates

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2-3 Day Shipping is expedited shipping for eCommerce sellers that be a  happy medium between expensive overnight shipping and slow 3 day+ shipping options. We’ve created a table for 2-3 day shipping, highlighting the cheapest carrier based on the weight and zone a package goes to.

Your choice of carrier is based on a complex mix of criteria including:

  • Delivery time frame
  • Package weight
  • Package dimensions
  • Delivery distance
  • Discounts you may have negotiated (or may be able to negotiate) with a carrier

The good news is we’ve done the analysis for you and narrowed down your choices for each standard delivery timeframe. In this section, we’ll look at each common delivery timeframe and provide a summary table showing the lowest cost carrier for a given weight/zone combination.

Where relevant we’ll color code the table cells to indicate if a USPS flat-rate or regional-rate option may be more cost effective. To use these tables simply find the row in the table with your shipment weight and the column with your destination zone; the code at their intersection will tell you who is typically the lowest-cost carrier for that scenario (based on USPS Commercial Plus® pricing and standard FedEx and UPS pricing, including residential and fuel surcharges).

If the cell is colored, look at the key to find out which USPS flat- or regional-rate service might be an even better deal.

Cheapest 2-3 Day Delivery Options in 2017

USPS offers no guaranteed 2-day service. However, the USPS Priority Mail® “1–3 Day” service will get your package to most destinations in two days, and unlike the other carriers, it will get it to some destinations within one day. Head to to calculate estimated delivery times. If you need to 100% guarantee 2-day delivery, go with FedEx or UPS.

If you do decide to go with USPS Priority Mail®, consider Regional Rate® Boxes. While the largest (C-size) boxes were phased out in 2016, the A and B boxes can still provide huge savings in some weight ranges and zones as highlighted in the table, as long as your contents will fit into them (and weighs less than 20 lbs):

regional rate dimensions

USPS also offers Priority Mail Flat Rate® envelopes and boxes that ship any contents up to 70 pounds to any zone for one rate. See the color code key to understand where this might be the best deal.

least expensive 2-3 day shipping service



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