Preparing for International Shipping: Selling Platform


Preparing for international shipping

International Shipping: Choosing the best selling platform

Once you’ve determined which products you’re going to sell in which countries and by which route, it’s time to ensure your operations can execute. To do this you need to ensure your selling platform supports your international selling requirements.

Here’s a checklist of features it should have:

  • Support for clear messaging targeted at international customers and a confirmation mechanism so they can indicate they understand that they are purchasing on a US-based site and that their order will be shipped from the US
  • Local language support if needed
  • Local legal compliance; e.g., cookie acceptance notifications for markets, where required, if cookies are used; country-specific privacy and T&C notices, if required.
  • Product price computation in local currency
  • The ability to include international-related expenses in the order total, or the ability to make the customer aware that they will be billed for these expenses separately; such expenses may include:
    • Shipping/handling costs
    • Duties and country-local taxes
    • Customs fees
  • Fraud detection: The ability of your selling platform to flag international orders for you to manually review may be helpful if you are targeting countries where fraud is prevalent.
  • Returns processing: You’ll likely want to customize the rules and process for international returns, so be sure your selling platform allows this.

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