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Shipping Insurance: Returns & Cancelling



Insurance on Return Shipping

Assuming you provide the customer with a shipping label for returns, the business case for insuring them should be determined the same way you determine the business case for outbound shipments—basically, if an item is worth insuring on its way to the customer, it’s worth insuring on its way back.

In general, we don’t recommend allowing customers to arrange their own shipping for returns, as it leaves too much to chance. ShippingEasy makes it easy to include a return label or let the customer print one on demand, which allows you to control all aspects of—and thereby de-risk—the return process.


Cancelling Insurance: Cancelled/Unshipped Orders

Generally speaking, if you buy supplemental coverage through your carrier and cancel the shipment, if you qualify for a shipping cost refund, you will qualify for an insurance refund.

If you use Shipsurance through ShippingEasy, you will automatically be refunded for the insurance charges (as well as the shipping charges) related to any cancelled shipments. See for more information.

For the cancellation policies of any other third-party providers, consult them directly.


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