Paparazzi Premiere Shipping Software

Our $19.99/mo plan is exclusively for Paparazzi Premiere. Integrate with Paparazzi Premiere in seconds. Get the best shipping rates and help when you need it.

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Discounted Shipping Rates

Access discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates. Save up to 46% off USPS retail rates and up to 86% off UPS Daily Rates.

Paparazzi Premiere Integration

Integrate Paparazzi Premiere and download orders without the hassle of uploading CSVs. Orders automatically sync and reflect shipping status.

Award-Winning Support

Get personalized support from a team of shipping specialists available by phone, email, and chat.

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Access Discounted Shipping Rates

Get discounts on UPS shipping up to 86% off Daily Rates and access Commercial Rates postage on all USPS labels. Commercial Rates are typically reserved for e-commerce businesses with over 50K per year shipment volume, but all Paparazzi Premiere plan users gain access to them, regardless of shipping volume. No negotiations required!

Easy Order Management

Manage orders, automate shipping with rules, organize packing with pick lists and packing slips, track shipments, and notify recipients — in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Filter and create custom views for your orders
  • Sort, combine, split, re-combine orders with ease
  • Keep things organized with endless options of customizable fields and tools
Preview of the order management system on ShippingEasy's shipping software.

Customer Marketing

This $9 add-on gets you 5,000 emails and everything you need to create beautiful, targeted email campaigns that will dazzle customers.

  • Choose from a library of prebuilt templates branded exclusively for Paparazzi
  • Segment emails with variables like purchase history and lifetime value
  • Automate campaigns to maximize time and efficiency
  • Maintain an unlimited list of customers and subscribers
  • Monitor campaign performance in real time with powerful reporting tools
  • Store important customer information — like order history, communication logs, custom segmentation tags — in a single place

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Paparazzi Branded Tracking

  • Brand the entire shipping experience
  • Email tracking info to customers using pre-built Paparazzi themed email templates
  • Send customers to a tracking page with your logo and Paparazzi branding
  • Allow customers to sign up for SMS tracking for their orders
  • Create repeat business and drive traffic with your own website and social links
  • Include custom promo images to advertise sales, events, group invites, and more
Branded Tracking screen shot in ShippingEasy for Paparazzi Premiere

Improve Customer Experience

  • Improve your customers’ experience with expedited shipping and customized packing
  • Print branded packing slips to include in your shipments
  • Send shipment confirmation and tracking number emails automatically
  • Provide customers with easy returns
Packing slip template in ShippingEasy for Paparazzi Premiere
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Common Questions about the Paparazzi Premiere Plan

ShippingEasy’s Paparazzi Premiere plan is designed to be perfect for sellers like you. The plan will never change based on shipping volume, so you always know what you’re paying each month. In other words, you will not be upgraded as your volume grows.

ShippingEasy requires a credit card so that you can pay for USPS and UPS postage through ShippingEasy One Balance. If you use your own UPS or FedEx only, you will be invoiced directly via these carriers, per usual.

ShippingEasy is quick and simple to set up. Utilize our Knowledge Base for step by step set-up instructions and videos for everything from connecting Paparazzi Premiere to shipping out your first order. If you need a hand, our phone number, email and chat are all listed on every single page of the app. Our shipping specialists will help you with everything from getting the best rates to setting up your printer!

Just select the Paparazzi Premiere Integration on sign-up and you’ll see everything you need to connect ShippingEasy. Your orders will automatically download into your Orders page dashboard. That’s it! Visit our Knowledge Base for more tips and tricks!

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