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Email Marketing: Best Practices

Here are some additional tips and tricks for email marketing. Keep in mind these best practices when deciding on your campaign strategies.


  • Don’t forget your logo
  • Keep urgent and relevant info in top 250px
  • Hyperlink anything that would make you want to click
  • Offer helpful and value-driven content
  • Based on Hubspot Blog, emails betwen 50-125 words had the best response rates at just above 50% .


  • Success is often a result of the sender having permission, relevancy, and trust
  • Segment smartly
  • Be open to responses from your recipients – including a reply-to email instills trust in your audience and ensures they can respond or offer feedback if they desire.


  • Open rate
  • Click-through-rate (how many recipients out of 100 clicked somewhere in your email)
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Delivered
  • Spam Complaints
  • Revenue generated


  • Responsive design – stack your content for easier scrolling
  • Use Bulletproof buttons
  • Make good use of your space
  • More graphics, less words
  • Find the ideal balance of colors
  • Use negative space to prevent overwhelming your reader
  • Make your CTA stand out


  • 8pm-midnight
  • The weekends are another optimal time to send out emails
  • About 52% of opens happen in the first 6 hours, with ~11% opens happening in the first hour
    (which means that an email sent in the morning will likely benefit from a stream of opens all day.)

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