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ShippingEasy Guide: Holiday Shipping for eCommerce 2015

The holidays are upon us! If you’re an eCommerce seller, it’s never too early to start preparing for your busiest—and most important—time of year. So as an early gift to you, we put together this definitive guide covering everything you need to know about how your eCommerce shipping operations can help improve your customer experience, increase your revenue, and better manage your costs this holiday season—and set you up to continue reaping these benefits throughout the year.

This holiday shipping whitepaper explores in detail the opportunities related to:

  • Shipping service levels: How to think about different rate structures (e.g. flat rate and free shipping), free returns, weekend shipping and delivery, and shipping carrier cut-off dates.
  • Shipping operations: How to optimize your supply chain, physical space, equipment, people, workflow, and technology, as well as how to get your carriers and other partners aligned with your plans early to ensure smooth operations through the holiday season.
  • Marketing: How your shipping function can help increase brand awareness, new customer acquisition, loyalty, and repeat purchases. We even show you how to find marketing opportunities in holiday returns!
  • Holiday gift-giving: How to determine the gift options you should offer, including gift wrap, shipping to multiple addresses, turning gift recipients into customers, and what to include and exclude on the gift packing slip.
  • Post-Christmas selling: How to think about if and when to ramp down holiday-specific initiatives, along with the post-holiday opportunities you may want to go after.

For each topic we lay out:

  • Strategic decisions you need to make now
  • Preparations you need to make before Holiday shopping gets into full swing
  • Specific actions you must take as you execute your strategies to ensure they are functioning as planned—and to measure their success

So get your ship together for the holidays! Fill out the form to download your free Holiday eCommerce Shipping Guide today.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: 'Tis the season to be selling... and shipping! 1
  • What's your Holiday strategy? 1
  • Holiday Shipping: Service Levels 2
  • Service Levels: Strategic Decisions 2
  • Holiday Shipping Cut-Off Dates 3
  • Service Levels: Preparations 3
  • Service Levels: Specific Actions 4
  • Holiday Shipping: Operations 4
  • Operations: Strategic Decisions 4
  • Operations: Preparations 5
  • Operations: Specific Actions 6
  • Holiday Shipping: Marketing 6
  • Marketing: Strategic Decisions 6
  • Marketing: Preparations 7
  • Marketing: Specific Actions 8
  • Holiday Shipping: Gifting 8
  • Gifting: Strategic Decisions 8
  • Gifting: Preparations 9
  • Gifting: Specific Actions 10
  • Holiday Shipping: Post-Christmas 10
  • Post-Christmas: Strategic Decisions 10
  • Post-Christmas: Preparations 11
  • Post-Christmas: Specific Actions 11
  • How ShippingEasy Can Help 12
  • Holiday Planning: 7 Must Do's 13