How ShippingEasy's Inventory Management solution helps eRockets avoid overselling every time.

Accurate, reliable inventory counts make all the difference.

What led Randy Boadway of eRockets to ShippingEasy

“We can now automate our inventory workflows with low-stock alerts, 2-way sync, and also bundle products. This has opened up time to focus more efforts on marketing the business.”

Randy Boadway

eRockets owner Randy Boadway found himself in a scenario familiar to many online sellers—the way he was managing his inventory wasn’t keeping pace with the business he was doing. This led to stockouts, which led to customer service issues and headache. When the solution he was using decided to increase the price, Randy opted to look elsewhere, which helped him discover ShippingEasy’s Inventory Management solution. As he works his way off the old system, Randy had this to say: “When I came in Monday morning, there were 5 stockout issues I had to deal with. None of them were the result of ShippingEasy.”

One of Randy’s favorite things about using ShippingEasy is that the platform is fully supported by experts. When he first adopted the shipping portion, someone was there to help him set up his stores, shipping rules, and make sure he was using the platform to maximum effect. The same applied when he decided to adopt the Inventory Management solution: “Within 15 minutes on the phone with someone, I was completely set up and ready to go.”

The power of a platform

Using ShippingEasy, the only complete solution for e-commerce merchants, Randy Boadway streamlined his shipping, finally found accurate and reliable inventory counts, and is looking forward toward further building his business.

All sales channels, one platform

Randy takes a multichannel approach to selling products at eRockets. With well over 2,000 orders per month coming in from Amazon, eBay, and his website, mainly shipping USPS First Class and Priority Mail. He needed a platform that put all his orders in a single place to make it quick and easy to process them all. He found ShippingEasy and never looked back.

"It now takes us less than five minutes to fulfill orders and get going. There's a lot less stress arriving in the morning knowing how quickly we can process our orders for the day."

It was time for a change

While he found ShippingEasy to process orders and shipping, Randy was using Linnworks to manage his inventory. He found the system inaccurate, regularly creating stockouts which left him having to deal with the fallout. When Linnworks raised the monthly subscription cost without adding value to Randy's needs, he knew it was time to look into something else. Luckily, ShippingEasy had just implemented an inventory management solution.

We used the same system for 6 years and just dealt with the constant errors. But when they increased the cost $40-60, that prompted us to look for a better solution."

Total product visibility

eRockets has a vast product line with almost 5,000 SKUs across multiple sales channels. Randy's team is tasked with knowing what to order, sell, ship, and repeat. When asked about the biggest benefit of using ShippingEasy's Inventory Management solution, Randy had this to say:

"With ShippingEasy, I have total visibility of an item from purchase order to customer receipt. There is no middle company to complicate the process."

Time savings across the board

One of the biggest benefits Randy and the eRockets team see from ShippingEasy is the time savings. Orders can be fulfilled in minutes and the team can focus on other elements of the business. He's now considering diving more into email marketing with the added time he has back in his day.

"The addition of low-stock alerts, 2-way inventory sync, product bundling, and velocity and forecast reporting have saved us tons of time each month. That's time we can dedicate elsewhere."


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