Common Questions from USPS Reps

What differentiates ShippingEasy from other shipping software solutions?

ShippingEasy provides e-commerce retailers with an easy solution to online shipping, inventory management, email marketing, and customer management, while also saving them money through discounted shipping rates. We make it easy to print labels, process orders, automate tracking, and streamline communications with customers. All that, plus incomparable award-winning customer support.

What kind of customers does ShippingEasy work with?

We’re a great fit for online merchants of any size—whether they sell through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and many others, or want to connect to the ShippingEasy API. Those just starting out or shipping lower volumes can take advantage of our free Starter plan, (does not come with onboarding or support). Large sellers with thousands of weekly orders, and even multi-channel sellers, warehouses, and franchise businesses, will love our full-service Enterprise plan. There are paid plans to fit every merchant’s needs.

How long is the ShippingEasy free trial? What else do users receive when signing up?

As a special offer for those signing up for a ShippingEasy paid plan from a USPS referral, the trial is completely FREE for 90 days. To kick things off, new customers can take advantage of our free training from dedicated shipping specialists to quickly get set up, configure label preferences, and learn a few shipping rules to get shipping faster than ever. If someone signs up under the Free Starter plan, the software is free forever, but only receives ShippingEasy Starter Rates on shipping labels.