Shipping made Easy. Discounted rates. Exceptional service.

Cloud based shipping software for online retailers. Integrates directly with your stores, nothing to download.

Simplify your domestic and international shipping without hiring an army.

Easy automation without the pain of training a system. We already did that.

BEST RATES: Save 46% on USPS

We offer Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing across ALL USPS products. Enjoy 9-46% discounts similar to a Fortune 500 company. Stay competitive with the big guys no matter your size. All part of the service.

PURPOSE BUILT: for online sellers

Specialized software that understands the importance of real time order downloads, combining orders, splitting orders, updating status and posting tracking numbers back to each store. Hundreds of online retailers helped us build it. The right architects for the right product.

Easy Integration

with all major marketplaces and store platforms

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EASY SET UP: endless support

A simple plug-in. Actually, you plug stores in to us – so we’re more the wall mount. Genuinely as easy as pasting an API key – which gives your store permission to send orders our way. Same key lets us post important stuff back – like order status updates and tracking numbers. If you hate instructions and just want help, we offer support however you like it: PHONE, EMAIL and CHAT.

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: 97% recommend us

Our customers sell online – that’s who we help. Whether you sell on a marketplace, a website or a combination of platforms, we will increase your efficiency and save you money. Customers tend to come for the savings and stay for the easy-to-use product and exceptional service. 97% of our customers would recommend us. We’re good at what we do. Read our reviews!

ALL ORDERS: ecommerce, offline, CSV

The right tools to ship all orders from all sources. Automatic downloads from integrated partners. CSV uploads with easy mapping and saved preferences. Or just create a label to any address on the fly.

MULTI-CARRIER: you choose, we support them all

We celebrate competition. USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Global (coming soon) – we let them compete to win your shipping business. Whether you are cost or delivery date driven, or both, a choice of carriers is better.

REAL TIME: Automatic updates back to your stores

Real time information is crucial in ecommerce. A shipped package is a completed order – congratulations! No sense keeping the good news a secret. We update your store/s in real time, with the tracking info no less.

Carrier Integration

Your orders: streamlined, accessible with powerful functionality

Our customers say it best

“We had a shipping period wherein we got over 10,000 orders from all over the world. Without the hand-holding and amazing help from ShippingEasy, I don’t know what I would have done. And every time I check in again, they’ve done something to improve the experience. Very flexible and terrific customer service, saved us LOTS of money and time.” – Tammy at Titmouse










“ShippingEasy is just fantastic. The product is far superior to any I’ve used, and that includes ShipStation, Dazzle,, and a couple others that I’ve blocked from memory.

Incredibly easy to ship packages. Custom rules make it so that once orders are received, they can automatically be processed based on settings you’ve made. So if one of your items is always shipping Priority, you can make it so a label is auto-printed that exact moment with a Priority label and correct weight/address info.

The customer support is superb, and the main reason I switched from ShipStation. ShipStation support took forever – it would usually take about 10 minutes before I could get a hold of anyone. There’s always someone ready to talk to me on ShippingEasy, and they go above and beyond. I was having printer problems through no fault of theirs, and they spent a good chunk of time setting me straight.

ShippingEasy is the most used app in my store. Make it easy on yourself and just pick these guys for your shipping needs. – Allen at SpyGuy Security



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