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E-commerce shipping software that lets you integrate your sales channels and access the best shipping rates.

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Save time and money on shipping.

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Receive USPS discounted rates and all services USPS offers with your FREE USPS Postage account ($15.99/mo value).

Seamless Integration

Works perfectly within all major shopping carts, platforms, and marketplaces.

Workflow Automation

Put an end to one-by-one shipping. Robust shipping automation takes the worry and human error out of your shipping processes.

Support from actual humans

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It’s pretty easy to get started on your own, but if you prefer a human touch, we’ll talk you through every click.

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Get personalized onboarding and support from a team of shipping specialists available by phone, email, and chat.


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Email marketing done right.

Templates that Work

Our full library of professionally-designed drag-and-drop templates are fully customizable to your brand and proven to work. Includes welcome emails, product recommendations, holiday sales, newsletters, and more.

Automated Email Campaigns

Automatically send marketing emails as orders are processed. Related products, upsells, winbacks, coupons, product reviews and more—all sent automagically.

Product Review Requests

Increase sales with product review request emails that automatically trigger at the right time, every time.

Interactive Dashboards

View key metrics about your campaigns in a flash. See revenue generated, customer acquisitions, email open rates and more, all in one happy place.

Our email customers have an average ROI of +5,000%. Seriously.

Your inventory, managed.

Accurate inventory and timely fulfillment

Advanced inventory management automatically updates and sync product quantities to sales. Say buh-bye to out-of-stock warnings and hello to increased customer satisfaction.

Purchase orders that practically write themselves

A supplier database matched to your products means fast and accurate re-orders and purchase orders that can be created, sent, and updated on the fly.

At-a-glance dashboard

No need to waste time searching for the important reports and metrics. There they are, right in front of you!

Bundle like a boss

ShippingEasy enables you to generate both kits and bundles, even if your e-commerce platform doesn’t support them.