The eCommerce Seller’s Guide to Shipping Insurance

While the vast majority of eCommerce shipments arrive at their destinations unscathed, the theft or damage of a package can create a truly upsetting experience for the customer—which is almost always bad news for your brand, whether or not the loss was under your control. With over 5% of eCommerce shipments damaged in transit and roughly 1% stolen, there are many situations where the business case for including shipping insurance (or “Declared Value for Carriage” depending on the carrier) is strong.

We put together this guide to help you understand the shipping insurance ecosystem as it relates to your business, your customers, and the types of products you sell. It’s the only resource you’ll need to:

  • Understand which items can and cannot be insured: Insurance providers will not insure certain types of items or items sent to certain destinations. We help you understand these limitations and provide links to additional detailed resources.
  • Decide which items should be insured: Most carrier services include some level of default coverage; we help you understand these defaults for major carriers and explain how to evaluate shipment value versus various risk factors to determine the business case for adding supplemental insurance.
  • Understand the claims process: Every carrier has its own rules on filing claims. We help you understand the process, applicable timing rules, requirements for proving a loss, how to prove the value of the shipment, and typical settlement time frames.

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