Complete Shipping Fulfillment Software for Amazon Prime Sellers
Process All Order Types, Including Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Robust Features, Powerful Automation, Process and Ship Orders Faster

Process FBM Prime Orders

Amazon Prime Logo – ShippingEasy fully supports Seller Fulfillled Prime shipping. Streamline order management and shipping across all orders. We automatically purchase shipping for all Prime items through Amazon’s Buy Shipping Service. Certified by Amazon.



Save Time and Ship Faster

Fully automate your shipping selections byweight, requested service, destination and more. Set your Product Catalog to control your weights. Reputation, reviews, and feedback are vital to successfully selling on Amazon. Be proactive by easily recognizing possibly delayed shipments. 

Big Features, Simple Solution

Batch print labels (no more 1-by-1), integrate all of your websites to ship everything in one place, run reports to keep track of important metrics, along with all the features, training, and support needed to ship orders out even faster. 

ShippingEasy is the complete shipping solution for Amazon

Prioritize Prime Orders

Not shipping out your Prime orders same day can significantly increase the cost of shipping — given the inherent package arrival deadline associated with Prime orders. Easily isolate Prime orders within your shipping queue and get them out the door efficiently.

FBM Prime Merchant Testimonial

“We have been using ShippingEasy for quite some time and love it. Amazon is one of our largest sales channels and thanks to ShippingEasy helping us fulfill and ship our orders on time and accurately we have the pleasure of being part of the Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime (MFP) program.

However the processing requirements are different than before and shipping was required to be purchased through Amazon. We reached out to ShippingEasy and they developed MFP support so all shipping can be done in one place versus having to process some shipments in Amazon and the rest in ShippingEasy. MFP fulfillment through Amazon took us about 6 hours on average.

Now that ShippingEasy has integrated with the MFP program we fulfill these prime orders in 3 hours or less. We would recommend ShippingEasy to any MFP Seller not only for their stellar customer support but continuous development to meet the needs of their customers.” –Jacob Baum, Fastener Source Inc.

Everything You Need

ShippingEasy is the shipping solution for Amazon sellers that allows complete in-house order fulfillment including fast shipping label printing (auto-assigned label selections and batching) with the best rates on USPS labels + access to your UPS/FedEx rates, pick list and packing slip creation, and customizable reporting.

Bookacres, Amazon Seller Testimonial

“I started using Shippingeasy this month and it has changed my life! I have 4 online stores and ship many packages a day. Shippingeasy consolidates all my shipments and sends confirmations to each store. Then it sends me a report. It has dramatically cut the time I spend in shipping and recording. I used Amazon shipping, Endicia, and eBay shipping before but Endicia is part of Shippingeasy. Customer service is great too. Getting started I had a few questions and they were answered promptly and accurately. I’m really happy I switched.”

Consultation + Service

Support is crucial when orders and shipments need to meet strict deadlines and things aren’t going 100% to plan, especially for Prime orders. For this, ShippingEasy provides on the phone support from 7AM-7PM, live chat with instant responses, email support, and a robust ShippingEasy knowledgebase that can answer virtually any question about shipping you could have.

ShippingEasy features to help Amazon Sellers ship faster

Carriers & Rates

  • USPS Commercial Plus Rates
  • Bring on your UPS/FedEx negotiated rates
  • Amazon Prime label creation
  • DHL International + Consolidator Support

Shipping Automation

  • Shipping Rules | Mapping
  • Saved Selections
  • Autoship: Automatic Postage Selection | Machine Learning
  • Tracking Status Updates
  • Shipping Confirmation Emails

Product Management

  • Product Catalog Support
  • Assign Product Categories
  • Auto-Save New Products
  • Product Bar Code Support

Pick and Pack Products

  • Custom Packing Slips
  • Bar Codes on Packing Slips
  • Print Order Preferences
  • Warehouse / Bin Location
  • Multi-Location Support

User Management

  • Assign orders to a specific user
  • Printers by User
  • Scales by User
  • Reports by User

Order Management

  • Split, Combine, Recombine Orders
  • Batch Order Processing
  • Categorize / Group Orders
  • Filter by Order Type
  • Arrange Order Columns
  • Edit Orders
  • Manage Gift Orders
  • Ship from Multiple Locations

Shipping Labels

  • 4"x5" - 4"x8" Label Support
  • Print Prime Labels from Amazon
  • Labels as a Packing Slip
  • Rubber Stamp Support
  • Carrier Note Support


  • Marketplace Support (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, & More)
  • eCommerce Platform Support (Shopify, Bigcommerce, & More)
  • QuickBooks Integration Available (Desktop + Online)
  • Public API: Orders, Rate Quoting, Address Validation
  • Inventory Management Support w/ 3rd Party Apps
  • EDI


  • Shipment Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Shipped/Unshipped Product Status Report
  • Custom Reports

International Support

  • Customs Forms Automation
  • Consolidator Support


  • Scan Based Return Labels in Outbound Shipments
  • PDF Return Label Directly Emailed to Customer

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy is shipping fulfillment software that pulls in your orders from any marketplace or e-commerce platform you sell on. From the ShippingEasy dashboard, you can process orders, print discounted shipping labels, send automated tracking # emails to customers, manage returns, and much more.

What are some things I can't do through Amazon, but can through ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy greatly reduces the manual work and error prone tasks from processing and shipping orders. Some of the ways ShippingEasy saves time and money for sellers:

  • Access to the best USPS shipping rates
  • Automatically send tracking # emails to customers once they’re created
  • Print labels faster through batch processing, batch printing, or completely automated postage selection through Autoship
  • Post order status and tracking #s back to Amazon in real time
  • Process orders on other selling platforms to consolidate the entire shipping process in one place
  • Schedule USPS order pickups through the app

What does Prime Order support look like?

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders look just like regular orders within ShippingEasy, except they are denoted by the Prime logo in your Orders queue (Amazon Prime Logo). Labels for Prime orders are purchased through Amazon’s Buy Shipping Service and fully comply with all requirements. ShippingEasy is Amazon approved for Prime.

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