Interview with Our Team Member: Tessa



Team Member: Tessa

Title: Product Manager

Start Date: October 2012

What do you do at ShippingEasy?
I work on the Product team and have most recently been focused on implementing our new Inventory Management solution.

What do you like about your specific role?
The pace. We have a weekly release cycle which means that there’s always something new to research, build, or enhance in our application.

What is your favorite thing about working at ShippingEasy?
The people. We have a very collaborative work environment, which means that all areas of the business – Sales, Marketing and Support – are all involved in prioritizing any new features or enhancements we make to our application.

If you were talking to an applicant for a role at ShippingEasy, what would you tell them about working here?
We listen. We listen to our customers and we listen to each other. We all want to build the best product that we possibly can and know that to do this we have to work together.

If you had to name 1 reason that someone should want to work at ShippingEasy, what would it be?
We’re fun! We work hard but we also know how to kick back. We work as a team and all have the same goal: to make ShippingEasy the “easiest” solution for our customers.


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