ShippingEasy Customers: what you can expect

By Katie May, Jun 21, 2013

Wordpress_Success_Final We pride ourselves on providing all day, every day service.

It’s not just about offering an easy Shipping Solution that works out of the box – it’s about wrapping the right experience around that.

So you’re HAPPY.
So you actually say that Shipping is in fact, Easy.

  • DAY 1: a one on one training with an experienced Shipping Specialist. They have trained hundreds – if not thousands – of customers coming from another solution, or no solution.

If Day 1 doesn’t suit you, we can do it the next day. We’re flexible like that.

      • DAY 7: a follow up call from your Account Executive. Just to clarify….that’s the person that told you about ShippingEasy in the first place….probably showed you a “demo”. Yes, they are going to call you and check in. They care – seriously care – about how the system is working and of course in any product or features ideas you might have.


  • EVERY DAY AFTER THAT: our team will be here to answer questions, respond to your feedback, heck even help you ship a package to Kragujevac if you need it. We proudly display our phone number: 1 888 603 9495 on every page. Call it! Hate the phone? Email us on support@shippingeasy.com
  • Phone, email, chat – it’s really your choice. Our phone number and email is on EVERY PAGE of the app. We don’t hide behind a ticketing system. We answer the darn phone.



We look forward to welcoming you on board and sharing some of our Texas Charm.
Ever heard of Southern Hospitality? We serve it up by the gallon.


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