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Shipping for Sears Marketplace

Simplify and automate your Sears Marketplace shipping across all major carriers. Orders download in real time for Sears sellers and automatically sends back tracking updates. Set up rules to map your customer’s requested service or delivery time to a designated carrier service. Save up to 46% on USPS with no volume commitment.

Improve your Sears seller rating with endless automation and no hassle shipping. Productivity soars.


  • Enjoy integrations with the likes of eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Newegg
  • Sell on other channels as well. More orders = more revenue
  • Filter by Store anytime to monitor your Sears marketplace orders


  • Move fast with no installations or constant updates
  • Login to ShippingEasy anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Doesn’t slow down your computer or your productivity
  • Integrate ShippingEasy with all of your stores, marketplaces, deal sites and inventory management solutions


  • Use the carriers you know and trust
  • Get Fortune 500 class savings with USPS CPP Rates
  • Use your existing FedEx and UPS accounts
  • Bring over your existing Endicia account or get a new one, either way it’s free


  • Use advanced automation features
  • IF/THEN statements like IF a parcel is >1lb. THEN send to carrier
  • Create rules such as send packing slips to one printer and labels to another
  • Customize to the extent you’d like


  • Best USPS rates available online, save 46% on average
  • Tired of competing with the giants? Don’t be. You’ll get the USPS rates that Fortune 500 companies enjoy.
  • FREE Endicia account included in every plan, or keep your existing one for free – it’s up to you
  • Volume commitment? Not now, not ever with ShippingEasy.


  • We get the importance of branding
  • Use your logo on Packing Slips, Shipping Confirmation, and Return Shipment emails
  • Customize your customer messaging because you know your base better than anyone else