Deciding on a Shipping Solution

How Do I Decide Between Available Shipping Solutions?

Choosing the right shipping platform is no easy task; there are dozens of options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Throughout this guide we’ve presented the key considerations in terms of capabilities, processes and solutions/services you need to consider when setting up or improving your shipping ecosystem; addressing all the questions raised in the preceding sections will help you determine the capabilities and processes your shipping platform will need to support. To help you find the right platform for your business, we’ve prepared the following vendor evaluation tool. It covers all the capabilities we’ve discussed, so you can use it as a checklist when evaluating potential solutions. To use the vendor evaluation tool, download a copy from

  1. Create a “Vendor Score” column for each vendor you are considering.
  2. Determine which capabilities are relevant for your business, and flag them in the “Applies to my business” column.
  3. For each applicable capability, use the “Vendor Score” columns you created to assign a value for each vendor, with “3” indicating the vendor is a perfect fit, “2” indicating the vendor is a medium fit, and “1” indicating the vendor is a poor fit for that capability.
  4. Sum each vendor column to get an initial idea of which is the best fit. You can then look more closely at the capabilities each vendor did well or poorly on to refine your analysis.


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