Case Study: E-Cigarette Retailer Shipping 2018


This case study is derived from a pair of E-Cigarette vendors that ship high volumes of relatively small, light packages. For these types of packages, if tracking is not required, USPS First Class™ Package Service is generally the best shipping option for packages under 16 ounces, and USPS Priority Mail® the best option for packages of 16 ounces or more. It appears as though one of the vendors in this group had a great negotiated rate for FedEx Ground in 2017, but even in this case, there’s an opportunity to save by using USPS PM.

For specific order type examples, this table goes over 2017 orders types and compares them to the best possible service available in 2018:


Based on this chart, shipping costs will be going up almost completely across the board for our vendors. On some order types they stand to save some money on shipping by utilizing First Class and Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes, however this is only for unique cases where the items will fit in the box and don’t have to travel far.


This is from The E-commerce Seller’s Guide to 2018 Rate Changes from ShippingEasy:

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