3 Day+ Shipping Rate 2016 Comparison by Carrier

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3 Day+ shipping is one of the cheaper options for delivering orders to customers utilized by many eCommerce retailers. Some will absorb these shipping costs completely or offer a small flat shipping fee to customers while customers wait 3+ days for their package to arrive. Orders online aren’t always urgent, and customers can appreciate the chance to save on shipping, even if it means waiting a bit longer. Below is the comparison of the 3 major carrier and their 3 to 3+ day delivery options.


3 Day+ Shipping Rate 2016 Comparison Table: FedEx, UPS & USPS


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*Rates shown for USPS Priority Mail® Commercial Plus Pricing, FedEx Ground® Standard Pricing with residential and fuel surcharges, and UPS Ground® Daily Rates with residential and fuel surcharges.

It’s important to note that we used USPS Priority Mail for 3+ day, although the vast majority of Priority Mail packages arrive to their destination within 2-3 days. UPS and FedEx Ground also typically arrive within 3 days, with the occasional delivery window extension that can go beyond 3 days, although it is rare.


Rate Considerations

Consider that UPS and FedEx have average fuel and residential surcharges added to their rates, which are typically added to your invoice after a label is paid for and delivered to a customer. Also, many online sellers can negotiate better rates from FedEx and UPS, however they do not post those rates online, and the rates used were the lowest available publicly.


This is from the 2016 Shipping Rate Changes Guide from ShippingEasy:


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