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International Shipping: 2-7 Day Shipping Options Australia

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Looking at expedited options to Australia, USPS dominates all the package weights we analyzed with its 3-5 day, trackable Priority Mail Express International service. UPS and FedEx range from nearly double to nearly triple the cost for their similar services on this route. It’s worth noting that FedEx and UPS do accept packages up to 150 lbs, whereas the USPS limit is 66 lbs.


International Shipping Options to Australia

2 to 7 day shipping options international shipping

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(1) Includes residential surcharge of $3.65 and fuel surcharge of 3.25%; East vs. West depends on package point of origin in US.

(2) Includes residential surcharge of $3.65 and fuel surcharge of 3.5%. These fuel surcharges are valid as of April 2016.

(3) *PMEI also offers flat rate envelopes for shipments up to 4 lbs, which may be more economical than the options shown here; visit



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