Case Study: Clothing & Apparel Shipping

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Clothing & Apparel is one of the business types that has a relatively easy time with shipping. Orders are usually light, non-fragile, and can be stuffed in poly mailers (as opposed to boxes) to save money on packaging. It’s not perfect, however, as clothing typically has a high return rate. Here we have a case study for a clothing & apparel company that ships out a varied mix of clothing items, leaning more toward fitness apparel.


eCommerce Rate Case Study 2: Clothing & Apparel

Our second case is derived from a pair of online apparel retailers that ship high volumes of primarily small, soft packages (clothing articles). As with the first Case Study, USPS was far and away their most cost-effective option in 2015 and, despite price increases, will remain so in 2016.

Clothing & Apparel Shipping Mix


Our clothing case study company offered a flat rate to shoppers, with an extra expedited 2-3 day option.

Clothing & Apparel shipping changes going into 2016


By getting smarter with shipping utilizing Flat Rate over opting for Priority Mail every time, our clothing case study company manages to save on shipping out 2 t-shirts, but get a cost increase on orders that need to go out using Priority Mail.

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eCommerce Rate Case Study 3: Food & Beverage


This is from the eCommerce Seller’s Guide to 2016 Shipping Rate Changes by ShippingEasy:


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