Cheapest Carrier in 2016: 2-3 Day Under 1 lb. Shipping Rates

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2-3 Day Delivery for packages under 1 lb. is unique that nothing can beat USPS First Class Package service. Instead of graphing charts for different ounce classes, we’ll go over First Class Package changes and some options other than First Class just to compare how different the rates are.


Cheapest 2-3+ Day Delivery Options Under 1 lb. in 2016

If delivery time is not an important factor and your package weighs less than 1 pound, USPS First-Class Mail® Package Service is impossible to beat, even with the changes rolling out in January 2016.

These changes represent a mixture of good and bad news for smaller online shippers, as shown in the table.

It’s important to note that while there are no delivery time-frame guarantees with First-Class Mail®, the USPS advertises it as a “1-3 day” service, so for items that qualify, First-Class Mail® is on average as fast as the much more expensive 2-day services.

First Class Package Service 2016 Changes


Here’s the detailed breakdown of all less-than-1-pound shipping options. For more detailed information on the USPS rate changes—and their implications for sellers who rely on First-Class Mail®—check out this post on the ShippingEasy blog:


All Carriers Up to 1 lb. Delivery Options


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This is from the 2016 Shipping Rate Changes Guide from ShippingEasy:



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