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Case Study: Online Specialty Foods Shipping – 2017

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This case study was created from analyzing the shipping from three online grocers that ship high volumes of relatively dense packages, often requiring special packaging (for liquids or perishables requiring cold packs). USPS is generally the best option, often presenting some significant opportunities to reduce costs by optimizing their packaging to allow use of USPS Flat Rate or Regional Rate containers.

Let’s look at the shipping services they will be using in 2017.

Now we can take a look at some common order examples from our grocers and see how 2017 impacts how they ship:

We can see that by utilizing Flat Rate Boxes from USPS they stand to actually save a bit on shipping some order types. In the case of Olive Oil, the seller for our case study had negotiated rates with FedEx, and will likely keep those going into 2017, however general sellers without negotiated rates may be suited to use Regional Rate Boxes and Flat Rate boxes for heavy items like olive oil.


This is from The eCommerce Seller’s Guide to 2017 Rate Changes from ShippingEasy:

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