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Case Study: Food & Beverage Shipping

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The shipping mix for a food & beverage eCommerce company is a bit more dynamic and varied than something like clothing. Food can get heavy, and heavy packages cost a lot more for shipping than lighter packages. They can be fragile items if the food is packaged in glass, and can also be perishable, complicating shipping further.

eCommerce Rate Case Study 3: Food & Beverage

Our third case is derived from a pair of online grocers that ship high volumes of relatively dense packages, often requiring special packaging (for liquids or perishables requiring cold packs). USPS is generally the best option.

Food & Beverage Shipping Mix


Being a food and beverage company, our business needs to offer more dynamic options to their customers, with the option for overnight shipping on perishable goods. You can see they offer UPS as part of their shipping mix for heavier ground shipping.

Food & Beverage shipping changes going into 2017


Average orders are heavier than your usual eCommerce business with groceries, and since shipping rates are going up in price, our food business will be switching to Flat Rate for the heaviest of orders.

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Shipping Rate Case Study 4: Automotive Parts


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