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The E-commerce Seller’s Guide to 2019 Shipping Rate Changes

All the major carriers—USPS, FedEx, and UPS—are rolling out price increases for 2019; regardless of which carrier(s) or service(s) you use, these changes will affect you.

But don’t panic—as we do every year, the content team at ShippingEasy has developed this award-winning guide to help you navigate the changes and get the most out of every penny you spend on shipping in 2019. Our E-commerce Seller’s Guide to 2019 Shipping Rate Changes is the only resource you’ll need to:

  • Understand and compare the changes across all major carriers:
    The guide includes a side-by-side comparison of the changes and guidance on how to interpret them for your business.
  • Find the most cost-effective carrier for a given set of shipping parameters:
    A set of easy-to-use tables allows you to quickly determine which carrier provides the best pricing for a package based on its weight, destination zone, and delivery time (e.g. overnight, 2-3 day, and greater than 3-day), and whether there are alternative services (e.g. USPS First-Class Mail®, USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate®, or USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate® boxes) that may be even more cost-effective.
  • See how the changes impact real-world e-commerce businesses:
    We’ve once again analyzed proprietary, anonymous ShippingEasy customer data to calculate the impact of the planned rate increases for specific shipping situations—and how the impact can be mitigated by looking at alternative carriers and/or services.

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of US and UK customers abandon online shopping carts because of unexpected shipping charges


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Table of Contents

  • Introduction 1
  • Why Do I Care about Shipping 2
  • Shipping ecosystem & capabilities to consider: 4
  • Single vs multiple stores 6
  • International Shipping 7
  • Delivery speed and service levels 8
  • Shipping pricing options 9
  • Delivery flexibility 10
  • Returns 11
  • Data integration 12
  • Inventory Management 13
  • Carrier selection 14
  • Fulfillment locations 15
  • Pick lists, packing slips & shipping labels 16
  • Picking & packing process 17
  • Customer Marketing 18
  • Analytics and reporting 19
  • Shipping processes: High-level 21
  • Step 1: aggregate and manage orders 22
  • Step 2: process, fulfill, label 23
  • Step 3: shipment of orders 24
  • Shipping process: flowcharts 25
  • Most Basic Process: Not Shipping Platform 25
  • Basic Process with Shipping Platform 26
  • Advanced Process: Product Shipping Information Known 27
  • Advanced Process: Product Shipping Information Unknown 28
  • Daily Deal Process 29
  • Subscription Process 30
  • Returns Process 31
  • System & Services 32
  • SaaS vs On-premise Sooftware 33
  • Selling Platforms 35
  • Shipping Platforms 41
  • Peripherals 42
  • Printers 42
  • Scales 45
  • Barcode Scanners 46
  • Supplies 47
  • Shipping Solutions: Evaluation & Selection 48
  • How ShippingEasy Can Help 49