PrestaShop Shipping Module | ShippingEasy

PrestaShop Module for Shipping

ShippingEasy is a prestashop_logo_peng_pengPrestaShop module that prints discounted shipping labels and helps you fulfill orders faster.

Print Cheaper Shipping Labels

Faster Order Processing

Responsive Support Team

Join thousands of e-commerce sellers simplifying their shipping with ShippingEasy

Automate your shipping process

ShippingEasy will download orders from your PrestaShop store and allow you to split and combine those orders, print all of your shipping labels in batches, and update your customer’s and your store on a shipment’s tracking status.

Get Discounts on Shipping Labels

Using ShippingEasy, you get access to Commercial Plus Pricing for USPS Postage, which will give you access to shipping rates normally available for companies that ship >50,000 yearly shipments.

Our team will help you set it up

All paid accounts have training sessions with agents to get started using ShippingEasy so you’ll never be lost or confused using the app. Unmatched customer support over email, phone, or in-app chat.