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Storefront Customer Testimonials


Providence Perfume

“Their customer service is top notch. I’ve never had a company call and ask what they could do to improve and then actually make the changes that we suggested. I imagine we will continue to always use ShippingEasy. I would recommend it to any size of online business, especially if they are just starting, this is a company that will always find a way to improve.” –Charna at Providence Perfume


SKINourishment Inc.

“ShippingEasy has been incredible for us! We found ShippingEasy by accident before we launched our Shopify Store and we are so happy they were with us as we launched our store.

Before ShippingEasy we used another Shipping App that was really clunky and hard to use. When I saw ShippingEasy’s interface I knew it was the app for us.  Through-out the entire store launch process ShippingEasy walked us through setup, provided personal customer support and constantly answer every question we throw at them.

As a fellow small business we are really proud to support ShippingEasy. On the rare instance they didn’t have an answer or we were having extra problems they went above and beyond to solve our issues! I can’t imagine choosing any other shipping application.” –Polly at SKINourishment