Mambino Organics

“First of all I must say I am so lucky to have found Why? Because it makes my work so much easier. At first I thought…well these guys must be similar to which is 1 step above USPS official website. Little did I know that Shipping Easy would make not only my life easier when it comes to shipping hundreds of web orders per week but it will also make it fun experience. Now we have this game and challenge ourselves how fast we can make shipping label, print packing list and put it on the box…it takes few seconds. We laugh now and since it was absolutely a nightmare before. Shipping Easy is one truly brilliant idea that comes once in a while and once you discover it you never go back to the old days. Besides that its fun making shipping labels and did I say it saves probably at least few hundred $ per month. And the customer service is 100% excellent. Because they CARE. You can have the most brilliant product but if the support is not there…anyway if you are reading this go for it…just don’t delay in improving your shipping life any longer.” -Maki at Mambino Organics



“When I first started selling online, I was limited to the shipping options of my digital payments processor and the postal service. These options fell short in a number of ways, especially when shipping to Canada or when a heavy shipment just needed to hop over to a nearby state. Thanks to ShippingEasy, I am able to easily access all of the services offered by my carrier, including regional flat rates, making a heavy box easily go from Louisiana to Texas for under $8 — in just 2 days. No hassles with ground freight and no troubles with paying as the folks at ShippingEasy make it as simple as buying postage from Endicia with my credit card. My international customs forms can be entered on the ShippingEasy website almost as easily as using the website’s Quick Ship to post to a nearby town.

It sounds hard to improve on this, but wait, there really is more! ShippingEasy’s great reps have called me all along the way to make sure I understood all of the features they have and that I’m getting the most out of my shipping expenses. They have to do this for everybody, as I am a tiny customer just ramping up sales in his spare time and it had to cost more salary for the people’s time who helped me along the way than the profit I’m giving them. I’ve called for support and emailed for support and found both ways get quick results. Emailing is convenient if you are busy and don’t want to chat on the phone (my early morning mind isn’t up for phone chats), but the phone calls have always been answered quickly. If the person answering didn’t know the answer to my question, they’d let me know an answer would be forthcoming and didn’t put me on hold or otherwise tie up my time. Within a handful of minutes, the phone would ring with the answer provided. Top service must be their motto.

If this isn’t enough to get ShippingEasy a shot, let me close by saying it’s great how they’ve shaved more off my shipping costs than I could’ve expected. The more a shipment would’ve cost, the more I save, but even a simple legal flat rate envelope is 25¢ better than the best rate I’d gotten anywhere before, including the discounted rates at eBay.

I am looking forward to a long relationship with ShippingEasy and the wonderful reps I’ve come to think of as my professional shipping services team – and that kind of confidence means I don’t have to even think about a whole area of my business. It’s wonderful!” – Chris from 20Zen


Dais Records

“Shipping Easy with Endicia totally changed our lives. Had we known how easy it was to ship quickly and avoid the post office lines we would have done this 7 years ago. The staff has also been extraordinary with customer service, available for calls and immediate email responses. A fantastic modern product with “amazon-like” customer service. Impressed.” -Gibby at Dais Records


High Country Hobbies

“One of my customers wanted overnight delivery of an item. I went to the post office and was given the rate of $28.85 for Priority Mail Express next day service. I returned to the shop and got the rate off Shipping Easy of $18.26. I was so shocked with the difference for the SAME service, I called Shipping Easy and asked if the two quotes were for the same service.
If the significant savings weren’t enough to persuade you to use Shipping Easy, then I would add the comment that the Shipping Easy staff is easy to get ahold of and very helpful in answering my questions.
I could not be happier with my savings through Shipping Easy and with their outstanding customer service.
-Dave at High Country Hobbies

SpyGuy Testimonial of ShippingEasy

SpyGuy Security

“ShippingEasy is just fantastic. The product is far superior to any I’ve used, and that includes ShipStation, Dazzle,, and a couple others that I’ve blocked from memory.

Incredibly easy to ship packages. Custom rules make it so that once orders are received, they can automatically be processed based on settings you’ve made. So if one of your items is always shipping Priority, you can make it so a label is auto-printed that exact moment with a Priority label and correct weight/address info.

The customer support is superb, and the main reason I switched from ShipStation. ShipStation support took forever – it would usually take about 10 minutes before I could get a hold of anyone. There’s always someone ready to talk to me on ShippingEasy, and they go above and beyond. I was having printer problems through no fault of theirs, and they spent a good chunk of time setting me straight.

ShippingEasy is the most used app in my store. Make it easy on yourself and just pick these guys for your shipping needs.” – Allen at SpyGuy Security


Faded xx Clothing

“We love working with ShippingEasy! They’ve created a seamless transition from Storenvy, and now we can ship from our location without going to the Post Office! Since we’ve integrated ShippingEasy into our logistics, there is no way we could lower shipping costs and satisfy customers without them!” – Josh at Faded xx Clothing


Refit Revolution

“We LOVE Shipping Easy! Moving from to Shipping Easy is one of the best decisions we’ve made in 2014. Their user interface is super easy to learn and their support is responsive and informative. Great product!” –Catherine at Refit Revolution


Rainbow Turtle

“I just wanted to let shipping easy know how happy I am. We had been using for the last 10 years and I was very used to it and was a bit hesitant to change to a new system. But I decided to give it a go and WOW! was I ever surprised. It is so much faster, easier to use, less expensive and I don’t have to have so many programs on my computer that just tends to slow it down. I would also like to mention that I stopped shipping international shipments because of the hassle but I have added back international shipping to our Volusion website because with shipping easy it has taken the hassle out and in no time I can create labels for international shipments. Thanks shipping easy for your great product and wonderful support team.” –Rainbow at Rainbow Turtle


The Dog Perk

“We implemented Shipping Easy for our online dog bandana business and are THRILLED with the performance of the service!  We save hours and hours of work each day!  We had tried other online shipping services that claimed to be easy but they were horrible, complicated and we could never even figure out how to set them up, much less use them.  I had just about given up on my dream of a truly EASY, simple, intuitive product…when I found Shipping Easy!!!  It was easy to set up, and works seamlessly with both our Shopify Store and our Amazon Store. .  No more entering addresses into USPS online…endlessly!  It is truly the most FANTASTIC improvement in our shipping process and is even EASIER than I would have imagined it ever could be.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that we save money on Express Shipping by using Shipping Easy!  And when I have questions, I can get in touch with customer service straight away.” -Amy at The Dog Perk

CalmSupport Testimonial of ShippingEasy


“What an amazing company and an amazing app. It integrates so easily with Shopify it makes shipping so easy. (I guess that’s how they came up with the name) Before ShippingEasy, all orders were placed manually. Each label was created in photoshop, printed, then taken to the post office, paid for and shipped out. Now we use ShippingEasy for our store and it’s beyond simple. It automates everything from labels, to allowing our customers to choose which shipping option they want. It then emails the customers with tracking numbers and fulfills the order. I’d have to say it cuts down about 90% of the work. The best part? The shipping cost through is about half of what I was paying at the post office! It’s worth every penny!” –Scott at CalmSupport

AMC Boutique Shipping

AMC Boutique

“Since switching from Ordoro, ShippingEasy has lived up to its name.  As the business has continued to grow, we are able to easily keep pace by integrating ShippingEasy with our business site in addition to our deals featured on  This has allowed us to ship hundreds of orders a day with newfound ease. ” – Julia at AMC Boutique

Kemaily Boutique Shipping

Kemaily Boutique

“We LOVE ShippingEasy! It has made shipping so much easier and less of a headache/chore! Your website blows out of the water.  Well worth it and we will be sticking with you.” –Megan at Kemaily Boutique


Castle Brook

“One word: lifesavers! (maybe that was two).

Before these guys we had a account. Manual forms, confusing administrative dashboard…going to the post office (and getting different postage every time), drop shipping, yadda. All of it was a headache.

Then our shop grew and we told ourselves we need something better…..we found ShippingEasy through a search with Shopify Apps, and we gave them a try. Man were we impressed!

First off, our work-load was made into an efficiency we didn’t think we’d need yet as such a small shop. Order numbers, automatic confirmations, tracking numbers, competitive USPS prices…all at your fingertips and set up by the ShippingEasy staff who called and walked us through everything. We were comfortable – the feeling you NEED when starting a business – comfort, and security….

…. ShippingEasy made international orders as easy as domestic “one-click” orders. Now people just sign on, visit, place their order, and BOOM – we print the label, stamp it on and ship it out the same day. We just have nothing bad to say about ShippingEasy…highly recommended, and for any new company, their monthly fee is worth every penny for the service you receive.” –Patrick at Castle Brook


Kikikins Designs

“As a new Etsy shop owner, I had been shipping my physical orders through the Post Office with hand-addressed labels.  When I opened my business up to a couple of “group deal” websites, (Jane and Sassy Steals) I was concerned about fulfillment on such large orders.  Enter Shipping Easy!  They explained their services in great detail, walked me through the signup process and provided detailed training on how to use their site.  Their representative even walked me through my first shipping fulfillment.  With the savings they offer , I was able to recoup my first month’s subscription on the first shipment fulfillment!  I highly recommend Shipping Easy.” –Shauna at Kikikins Designs



ShippingEasy is amazing!!! I’ve used OrderCup before and ShippingEasy is by far a much more superior product. It helps my company to save so much time processing online orders. I’m constantly impressed by their extremely responsive customer support and the level of detailed product knowledge of every representative I’ve ever dealt with there (via phone and chat). And they are constantly making updates based on customer feedback. This is a great solution and company!!!” – Sandy at Leckerlee


Medical Care Alert

“Shipping Easy has made our process far easier and is definitely saving us time and money. Prior to switching to Shipping Easy, we had tried OrderCup, and USPS Click N Ship – all were cumbersome and offered zero customer support. The team at Shipping easy has been really helpful, returns calls and emails quickly, and is open to suggestions about product and process improvements. We are definitely paying less for postage and shipping since moving over to Shipping Easy. The integration with Volusion is far superior to any other shipping platform we have tested. We had good over the phone training with screen sharing that made it really easy to learn, and got us up and running quickly. Your competitors don’t do this – they leave you to figure it out on your own. Our clients who order a lifesaving system at expect their addresses and shipments to be exactly right every time. We have very high standards and are very demanding…and are happy to endorse Shipping Easy.” – Bryan at Medical Care Alert


Distinguished Precision Shooting Sports

“I’d love to tell others how much has helped me and my business! I’ve recently retired from the military with 21+ years of service in the Marine Corps, Navy Reserve, and the Army. I’d been dreaming of opening my own mail order business since I got involved in the shooting sports and couldn’t find what I needed at the right price. I opened Distinguished Precision Shooting Sports to help shooters get the gear they need to achieve their goals, and shipping a lot of different items is the key to our success. Bullets are heavy, whereas optics are light, I needed a solution that would be able to span the gap from big and heavy to small and light and save me time and money in the process.

I actually tried, and when I realized that I could do the same thing from the USPS website, I canceled. They continued to bill me! So I was reluctant to try another shipping service, but Shippingeasy was a no brainer. I started with their free service, and it really was free, and then upgraded as my business grew. I now spend less time processing orders and have more time to list new items on my website. In addition, being able to send my eBay customers an email to help get my brand out is huge! Not only does save me time and money, it actually helps promote my business! I couldn’t be happier with their service! Thank you!” – Anthony at Distinguished Precision Shooting Sports


Karma Kiss

“We are selling on Amazon as well as on our website,, and have been working with for about 3 years. While is indeed a great option for very small businesses and individuals, we were looking for a more robust solution that will be cloud based and super-easy to use. We are happy to say that we found it. Shipping Easy provides us with a simple, yet robust, solution that so far exceeded all of our expectations. Add to that their AMAZING and personal customer service and you will get a winning formula that can help us grow without any major logistics issues.  Kudos!” –Guy at KarmaKiss


So Gloss

“ShippingEasy leaves in the dust. I wish I had switched sooner. I have saved countless hours of uploading/downloading and pulling my hair out. Love, love, love ShippingEasy!” –Jesse at So Gloss


Expressive Boutique

“I used and was hesitant about switching because the rates were the same and I did not have time to learn a new shipping software. I finally did switch with the limited time offer and it was SO EASY! I am so happy with the change, it has cut my shipping time in more than half. If you are questioning the switch, do it!” – Katie at Expressive Boutique


“Shipping easy has made more efficient with packing orders. It integrates with our Volusion store and makes life so much easier. We were using and this by far is better. The customer support and training was out of this world. I would recommend shipping easy to any e-commerce business!!” -John at


Optimal Health Network

“We primarily use USPS and prior to ShippingEasy used the USPS website to handle the orders. We had so many problems. Slow server, crashes of their site and just the slow process of individually handling each customer. ShippingEasy has made the shipping process – dare I say – enjoyable?

Everything just works! Quickly, seamlessly and new additions keep being added to make it even more user friendly.

Shipping Easy support staff has been phenomenal….Our rep, Tessa is the best – always so friendly, helpful and not the least bit put off by a beginner with some newbie questions.

It’s also nice to see ShippingEasy keep improving its business. I was delighted to see the new DASHBOARD – its AWESOME!! I was doing that by hand and one day see it’s all being done for me.

Thanks so much for being an integral part of our success. We hope the same success for you.” –Beth at Optimal Health Network