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3dcart Customer Testimonials


Daltech Enterprises

“I love that when you call for help….
1) Call is answered within a few rings
2) No need to go through 50 questions to establish identity and account
3) 99.9% of the time you have the answer! And if not, you follow through with the problem.
4) Everyone I have talked to speaks clear/understandable English.
5) Everyone is pleasant and easy to communicate with”

-Ginger at Daltech Enterprises


Magnesol USA

“Magnesol USA is a very happy customer of ShippingEasy! Shipping logistics has drastically improved solely because of ShippingEasy services. What used to take me a solid few hours, now takes me less than 10 minutes. Such a no-brainer, wish I would have found ShippingEasy a few years ago. Thanks to the great customer service team, they are truly awesome.” -Ed at Magnesol USA



“Shippingeasy.com has become the backbone of our online business and one of the main reasons of our growing success during the past two years. This is an outstanding cloud software with all the features needed to easily fulfill, manage, and track your orders from a multitude of ecommerce platforms; backed by a superb team of professionals that are always enhancing the software to make your work easier and save you time. Great support staff: Always there to help with any issues you may have. Thank You Shippingeasy. You guys are awesome.” -Eddie Gonzalez at Perfumetrader.com



“We recently started using ShippingEasy and the name says it all. It makes shipping orders as fast and easy as it could possibly be and I really love the service! As they say – ‘time is money’, and ShippingEasy saves so much time! The ability to customize and save our own type of packages & weights just streamlines the process even more. I don’t see how it could be made faster or easier!” -The team at DERMagic

Legendary Products

“We have been using Shipping Easy for the past year, for three 3DCart websites and an Amazon store. I cannot see us going back to way we used to manage shipments before. All orders sync with SE and with just a few clicks your orders are shipped. Technical support is STELLAR – I wish all tech support personnel were as helpful as SE techies. It is worth the investment.” -Herman at Legendary Products


Philly Phaithful

“I’ve used Shipping Easy for 2 years with two different businesses and my only complaint is that I didn’t switch to them sooner. It’s made shipping quite literally, easy, and I also appreciate the high level of customer service that they’ve provided me during that time.” -Dan at Philly Phaithful


Marigold Bars

I absolutely LOVE Shipping easy! It has revolutionized my shipping experience. It integrates beautifully with my shopping cart. Orders come over automatically, and are updated when I ship them. Plus, the initial training provided by ShippingEasy was over-the-top! HIGHLY recommend.” -Mari Ann at Marigold Bars


Locked Up RC

We came from the world of direct printing out of paypal.  It was a dark time. Once we got everything setup in ShippingEasy it started to save us a TON of time. Now we look back on how we used to ship and consider it to be on the same level as goat sacrifices to Zeus. No software is perfect but we will say that anytime we have had an issue the customer support team has been right on top of it. Thanks for making our lives SO MUCH easier!” -Patrick at Locked Up RC



“I’m so glad I took the time out of our busy day to speak to Taylor, who reached out to me that day and explained how ShippingEasy would work for us. Our training session with Andrew was awesome. He walked us through so many features, capabilities and shortcuts that will make shipping a pleasure (vs. a pain). He is a great trainer, an excellent communicator and very professional. The follow up calls from Andrew and Melody were a surprise and very welcome. I was more than happy to tell them both how pleased we are with the application and the people at ShippingEasy. We are looking forward to a long relationship with ShippingEasy.

We are saving TIME with the super-intuitive ShippingEasy console and integration of our 3dcart and Amazon stores – no more copy and pasting. And, our 3dcart and Amazon stores are updated automatically. Less time is spent on tedious, error-prone and zero-value tasks.

More features! ShippingEasy gives so many features that make our lives easier – customer return labels, pick and packing lists, integrated customs forms, better shipping insurance and more. We are building stronger communications with our customers with flexible and customizable email messaging.” –Regina at Tamarinda

Passion4Mopars Review of ShippingEasy


“ShippingEasy has made the operation of shipping through Paypal payments/orders and our 3DCart website seamless, even from two different shops with two different people processing shipments! A true benefit for the business, time saving, no more cutting and pasting, it imports, click quick ship and your label is ready for downloading and printing. As a small business it benefits us greatly, I can’t imagine the time savings for a large business. Support is top notch with ShippingEasy (and US based!)” –Kim at Passion4Mopars



AppleCrossing had been looking for a shipping/expediting partner for some time when we found Shipping Easy. We were hesitant but after migrating to Shipping Easy, AppleCrossing was able to increase through out by becoming more efficient. SE’s seamless integration with 3dcart and easy-to-use interface allow us to create labels for our orders with just 2 clicks. I’d highly recommend Shipping Easy to anyone looking for an easy, cost effective, and efficient way to ship product.” – James at AppleCrossing


Distinguished Precision Shooting Sports

“I’d love to tell others how much ShippingEasy.com has helped me and my business! I’ve recently retired from the military with 21+ years of service in the Marine Corps, Navy Reserve, and the Army. I’d been dreaming of opening my own mail order business since I got involved in the shooting sports and couldn’t find what I needed at the right price. I opened Distinguished Precision Shooting Sports to help shooters get the gear they need to achieve their goals, and shipping a lot of different items is the key to our success. Bullets are heavy, whereas optics are light, I needed a solution that would be able to span the gap from big and heavy to small and light and save me time and money in the process.

I actually tried Stamps.com, and when I realized that I could do the same thing from the USPS website, I canceled. They continued to bill me! So I was reluctant to try another shipping service, but Shippingeasy was a no brainer. I started with their free service, and it really was free, and then upgraded as my business grew. I now spend less time processing orders and have more time to list new items on my website. In addition, being able to send my eBay customers an email to help get my brand out is huge! Not only does Shippingeasy.com save me time and money, it actually helps promote my business! I couldn’t be happier with their service! Thank you Shippingeasy.com!” – Anthony at Distinguished Precision Shooting Sports