Marketing Manager

with lots of room for creativity & growth


ShippingEasy ( is still sorta new to Austin! Launched in Sydney, Australia in November 2011, we opened our 2nd office in Austin, Texas in October 2012. We are hiring our first Marketing Manager to lead our marketing efforts with excellent base salary, quarterly bonus and healthcare benefits available. Your role will be more interesting than most b2b marketing roles given your creativity and leadership capabilities. There is plenty of room for a strategic thinker and creative doer to own everything from brand building to demand generation to PR and partner marketing.

EXCITING! We are part of the ecommerce eco-system and enjoying the growth you would expect in this exciting industry. A great place to jump in and make a difference from day one. At ShippingEasy it’s all about outcomes. You won’t find yourself in endless meetings – but rather getting results and building an online success story in Austin. You will manage our small marketing team and work closely with the leaders of our sales, account management and product teams to achieve your objectives and influence outcomes.

If you are a driver with an upbeat personality and want to be part of a vibrant team right here in Austin: MAKE SURE TO ANSWER THE 3 QUESTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE JOB AD with your application to be considered for this role. No incomplete applications will be reviewed.

Key responsibilities:

  • Marketing Management
    • Online marketing: including the SEM, SEO, content marketing, referral programs and social media managed within your team
    • Offline marketing: including trade shows, events and offline media
    • PR & Communications: including all internal and external communications
    • Product marketing: leveraging our website (WordPress, not our application) to build the brand, acquire new customers and inspire existing customers and partners
    • Partner marketing: develop joint marketing initiatives for both ShippingEasy and ShippingEasy’s partner (digital, print, PR and events), prepare partner sales training so they can pitch ShippingEasy
    • Word of Mouth driving leads: ensuring marketing efforts yield strong word of mouth delivering leads and referrals on a continuous basis
    • Project management: strong organizational skills, ability to keep tight deadlines and move quickly
    • Supplier Management: Manage digital agencies and negotiate with publishers direct to efficiently allocate marketing budget, demonstrating an obsession with ROI
  • Demand Generation:
    • Work with Sales Manager to build and execute a comprehensive demand generation strategy that includes priorities by SMB market segment and partner integrations (eg Shopify, Amazon, Magento)
    • Analyze all stages of the demand creation process to identify areas to build, optimize and iterate on
  • Team Management
    • Manage and inspire a small team of marketers responsible for SEM, SEO, content marketing, marketing automation and system management, lead nurturing, etc.


  • 5+ years of experience in digital marketing
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in demand generation for a B2B software or SaaS company where you delivered measurable results
  • Leadership experience where you built and managed high performance teams, developed forecasts and managed results against a budget 

What does success look like?

  • ShippingEasy becoming a well-known brand with the right positioning to establish the business as both a serious player and a leading solution
  • Increased brand awareness and strong, positive word of mouth resulting a significant boost in searches per month on “ShippingEasy”
  • Non-linear customer growth via cost efficient demand generation (we have a kick ass sales team run by an absolute gun – if you get the leads, this team will convert them and that is proven)
  • Significant, useful content that reinforces the brand, generates traffic and ultimately acquires new customers (all while delighting existing customers)
  • A loyal customer base that experiences the power of the product, brand, content and support and happily recommends it often and easily
  • The best website (not app — but our wordpress site) in the industry with timely updates, useful information and compelling marketing messages — in the best format to achieve individual objectives (copy, video, podcast or whatever makes sense!)
  • “Right-sized” social media presence given our solution, industry and customer base
  • A cost efficient presence at the right events yielding both brand and relationship benefits


  • The opportunity to help build a company from the ground up – as part of the senior management team
  • Health insurance
  • Open plan office with a fun, upbeat environment where the Execs slow down to teach, mentor and make sure we build something special

To Apply:

Please email your current resume along with your response to these 3 questions (mandatory to be considered for the role):

  1. If you think about your experience to date, what is most relevant in terms of your ability to perform this role?
  2. Tell us about your favorite marketing campaign or demand generation initiative: what did you like? what is your best guess at the underlying marketing objective? what about the campaign made you think it was effective at achieving that objective?
  3. Tell us something unique, interesting or surprising about you.