Ship your LuLaRoe products for less

ShippingEasy is the only official shipping integration for Bless. Automatically import orders, get discounted shipping rates, plus access LuLaRoe-exclusive features!


Access discounted postage rates

Get discounted UPS shipping and Commercial Rates on all USPS labels. Commercial Rates are typically reserved for e-commerce businesses with over 50K per year shipment volume, but all LuLaRoe plan users gain access to them, regardless of shipping volume. No negotiations required!


Easy Order Management

Orders automatically import from Bless into ShippingEasy, so you can:

  • Set up easy shipping rules to automate your shipping
  • Batch print labels
  • Schedule pickups from your USPS or UPS carrier
  • Focus on building your business and spend more time with your family

Customer Marketing

This $9 add-on gets you 5,000 emails and everything you need to create beautiful, targeted email campaigns that will dazzle your customers.

  • Choose from a library of prebuilt templates branded exclusively for LuLaRoe
  • Segment emails with variables like purchase history and lifetime value
  • Automate campaigns to maximize time and efficiency
  • Maintain an unlimited list of customers, subscribers, your downline, whatever you need
  • Monitor campaign performance in real time with powerful reporting tools
  • Store important customer information — like order history, communication logs, custom segmentation tags — in a single place

LuLaRoe Branded Tracking

ShippingEasy's Branded Tracking lets you use a prebuilt LuLaRoe template or customize your own to give your customers the experience they'll love!

  • Brand the entire shipping experience
  • Send customers to a tracking page with your logo and LuLaRoe branding
  • Create repeat business and drive traffic with your own website, Facebook group, and other social links
  • Let customers opt-in to SMS messages
  • Promote new products or pop-up events right on the tracking page

Improve Customer Experience

Repeat customers are the key to success. ShippingEasy helps make sure your customers get the experience that brings them back for more.

  • Improve your customers’ experience with expedited shipping and customized packing
  • Print branded packing slips to include in your shipments
  • Send shipment confirmation and tracking number emails automatically
  • Provide customers with easy returns

Our team is here for you

ShippingEasy's award-winning support team makes sure you're set up for success.

  • Talk to a real person in Austin, TX via phone, chat, and email
  • Help is available Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm CT, Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm CT
  • Extended hours available during the holiday season when we know you're the busiest