LuLaGrow Email Contest

lularoe customer growth contest

Ready to grow your business and win $500?

ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing add-on helps you grow your business, boost orders, and build relationships with your customers. Right now, we’re not only letting you try it FREE for 30 days, you could win one of TWO $500 gift cards just for trying it out.

How do you enter our LuLaGROW contest?

  • Step 1 Log into your ShippingEasy account and start your free trial of our Customer Marketing add-on
    • If you already have Customer Marketing added—great, just click the account link above and you’ll be able to start setting up a campaign
  • Step 2 Quickly and easily set up an automated marketing emails campaign (see our short instructional video below to help you get started)
    • That’s it! We will monitor accounts to see who has actively set up at least one campaign and pick a winner after the November 30 deadline. $500 could be yours!

If we find your email marketing campaigns particularly compelling or exciting, we may even share it on our Facebook page, so put on your creative marketing hat. But everyone who has an actively running automated email campaign running through November 30 will win one of two $500 Visa gift cards! Check out an example below that Rob Z, our digital content marketer, put together in a matter of minutes!

P.S. Have you started selling a different line such as Agnes & Dora, Dot Dot Smile, or Honey & Lace? No problem. You’re still entered if you set up an active automated email campaign in your ShippingEasy account.

See Official Rules here.

An automatic thank you/feedback email based on order shipment

How to set up Automated Marketing Email Campaigns