EasyShip widget: our native shipping solution

The EasyShip widget is a native solution that lives on your marketplace or store platform. Minimal IT effort required. Embed a few lines of JavaScript and your sellers will be able to print labels at the click of a button. That same button pre-populates the address details and weight directly from the order into the widget form. Make the EasyShip button available alongside any order within your seller’s admin panel. It's Stripe Checkout for shipping. Get more info.

Platform Benefits

  • Deliver additional services in your platform – more merchant value
  • Native shipping solution available to sellers in time for the holidays
  • Secure plug-in, easy to deploy – minimal IT effort (hours)
  • Minimize time required to ship – keep your sellers focused on selling

Merchant Benefits

  • Reduce shipping errors – pre-populated address details directly from the order
  • Optimize workflow – 1 click shipping without leaving your platform
  • Free no monthly subscription – eliminate the need for yet another monthly fee for sellers
  • End to end solution – everything a merchant needs to deliver the goods

Service Features

  • Domestic and international shipping labels
  • No account, no sign-up – on-demand fulfillment within your platform
  • Real-time data synchronization – merchant selects shipping label, your platform receives order updates, including carrier, tracking ID, and shipping cost automatically