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Discounted Shipping Labels

Direct BLESS Integration

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Exclusive Access to Shipping Discounts

Get USPS Commercial Rates on all USPS labels. Commercial Rates are typically reserved for e-commerce businesses with over 50K per year shipment volume, but all LuLaRoe paid plan users get access to them, regardless of shipping volume. No negotiations required!

Easy Order Management

Complete order management with easy-to-use tools. Take an order and:

  • Sort it, filter it
  • Combine it, split it
  • Pick it, pack it
  • Batch it, hold it
  • Categorize it, arrange it, color code it
  • Edit it, note it, gift it

We provide the flexibility to manage things your way. Endless options and customizable fields to keep things organized and orderly.

Email Marketing Campaigns

This $9 add-on gets you 5,000 emails and everything you need to create beautiful, targeted email promotions:

  • LuLaRoe email templates that will dazzle customers and encourage them to act
  • Better email segmentation – use factors like purchase history to create hyper-targeted emails
  • Automated email campaigns – save time, increase orders, and gain repeat business, all in one place—automatically
  • Unlimited customers/subscribers – unlike other email marketing tools, there is no limit to the number of customers, subscribers or lists you can manage
  • Campaign reporting – providing real-time feedback on campaign effectiveness and which customer segments are responding
  • Everything you need to know about your customers like order history, notes, and communications logs, and custom segmentation tags

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Resources to Help You Every Step of the Way

ShippingEasy wants to see you succeed in shipping and selling. We put the resources LuLaRoe Retailers like you need to succeed, all in one place.

Improve Customer Experience

ShippingEasy offers powerful features to LuLaRoe Retailers. Improve your customers’ experience with expedited shipping and customized packing—features once only delivered by the largest e-commerce stores. Print branded packing slips, send shipment confirmation and tracking number emails automatically, and provide customers with easy returns.