Interview with Our Team Member: Gabi



Team Member: Gabi

Title: Senior Sales Executive

Start Date: October 2014

What do you do at ShippingEasy?
I am currently on the senior sales team and I work with our larger customers.

What do you like about your specific role?
Working with large customers is always interesting because they are all different and intricate in their own ways. I like to problem solve so helping them use our solution to fix their biggest pain points makes each day new and exciting.

What is your favorite thing about working at ShippingEasy?
I absolutely love our space and the buzz that is exuded. We have so much freedom to interact with each other and have fun and this will only get better once we move into our new space.

If you were talking to an applicant for a role at ShippingEasy, what would you tell them about working here?
I would tell them to be open to making new friends and helping to build a company and brand that is growing exponentially. We work hard, play hard and win hard.

If you had to name 1 reason that someone should want to work at ShippingEasy, what would it be?
For anyone there is no limit and the opportunities are endless. This space is a place to grow and build new skills while expanding the ones that you have. It’s refreshing to get new challenges and they are never in shortage.


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