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Say hello to Clay, one of our knowledgeable experts who help you optimize your inventory management workflows. We offer full setup and trainings to reduce the time and money spent unifying your stock levels, simplifying every step of your process. Continue reading to learn more about Clay's consultations for Inventory Management.

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Over the past 2 years, Clay has immersed herself in ShippingEasy’s inventory management tool.  He knows the product inside and out, and helps organizations unify their inventory across channels in a single platform. Clay ensures that all things inventory are streamlined and efficient.

Inventory Management Consultations Include:

  • Inventory aggregation and organization
  • Bundle and listing optimization
  • Product replenishment

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What's an example of how the inventory management tool helped a customer save time?

A customer I worked with wanted an easier way to track their varying quantities of products. They place orders for their products in bulk, then they individually measure out amounts to fill each order.

I developed a system to break down these larger quantities into smaller portions for each order option. Using bundles, ShippingEasy can automatically track the remaining quantities.

This completely eliminated their manual process. The solution was quickly implemented by the end of our training. We streamlined their process for updating stock quantities on their website when accepting a purchase order. 

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Describe a complex inventory management issue our tool solved.

We had a new customer who shipped out monthly subscription boxes. Every month, they had new items and new packaging that all needed to be accounted for. They’d been shipping out thousands per month and tracking everything manually.

I set it up so that, with a single SKU coming into our system, we could track every item that went into the box, including promotional items, and the packaging that they used each time.

Over the year, reducing this overhead saved them thousands of dollars. It allowed them to continue growing while delaying the need for additional resources to scale capacity.

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What's the customer reaction to being able to sync inventory across multiple stores?

ShippingEasy really is a great solution for businesses of all sizes. I worked with a customer who experienced rapid growth without much time to adjust their process.

When I told them that we can alias products (products that are the same but with different SKUs) and track these stock levels across multiple stores, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Their time spent tracking inventory was reduced by 30%. This unlocked new ways of selling their existing products, opening up more avenues for revenue. With the use of ShippingEasy’s shipping automation, they didn’t spend any additional time dealing with inventory or shipping while continuing to grow.

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