Full-Time Customer Success Advisor - ShippingEasy

Customer Success Advisor

We are hiring a Customer Success Advisor with excellent base pay plus commission and 2-weeks comprehensive training so you’re comfortable and ready to hit the ground running! We are part of the eCommerce ecosystem and enjoying the growth you would expect in this exciting industry. A great place to jump in and make a difference from day one. At ShippingEasy it’s all about outcomes. You won’t find yourself in endless meetings – but rather getting results and building an online success story in Austin.


The Day-to-Day

One question we get is: “What will I be doing day-to-day?”

After an in-depth training with our Product and Customer Success teams (including Sales, Support, Onboarding and Retention), you will become a trusted advisor to eCommerce merchants. Shipping can be the hardest part of selling online, but we’re here to make it easy.

You’ll work with all types of eCommerce businesses, from businesses just starting to those that ship thousands of orders per day – you’ll probably recognize some of the names! Each day will be a bit different, from consulting customers on the best shipping practices and optimization to escalating their concerns as they arise, but always providing the best customer service. Oh -and you’ll get to help drive where our product goes. We listen to our customers’ needs and respond with weekly releases. So, Customer Success Advisors at ShippingEasy not only help our customers but they also influence our product. A powerful combination and an interesting day!


The Environment (Well, before we get into work)

We’re not a call center with 60 people piled on top of each other answering a call queue. We hire a team member and spend 2 to 3 weeks completely immersing you in the product. We teach you to be an expert in all things shipping and eCommerce.

Our kick-ass Customer Success team is filled with folks who know to have fun, but also focus and take care of our customers. We play games, we get lunch, every Friday @ 5pm is a company-wide happy hour – we work hard together and we celebrate hard together!


The Company: What is ShippingEasy?

From our perspective, we’re a company led by start-up people that like solving problems and building things. The leadership team is super transparent and engage every last employee in the strategy, objectives, targets — and results. You’ll learn as much about building a business as you will about shipping and eCommerce. Every Friday you’ll join our 10 minute stand up where you’ll learn what’s new, what’s working, what needs help and more. Then, on a monthly basis, you’ll participate in a Business Update where you’ll get to see the numbers and progress at work. You’ll genuinely feel part of this company! We don’t believe in cogs.


The Person: Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a problem solver. A communicator. A true believer in great customer service. An organizer. A self-starter. An obsessive personality that doesn’t quit until it’s resolved. If you enjoy working alongside creative, hard-working, accountable people with a desire to shine – you found us! You can expect to work hard, learn a business from the ground up and have fun while doing it. You don’t need to know shipping (but it’s a bonus) – our team can show you the ropes!

Your salary starts DAY 1. BENEFITS and COMMISSION shortly after. We get that you have rent to pay, groceries to buy and gas to get yourself here. Every offer we make is for keeps!


Interested? Don’t miss the 5 questions listed at the end!

In addition to sending your resume, there are 5 questions at the end of this posting — those are a must. Incomplete applications will not be considered — sorry, we want to see your attention to detail and are looking for people that are willing to invest a bit in getting noticed.


  • Helping new and existing customers use the ShippingEasy product to their greatest success
  • Provide friendly, useful, rapid-response phone, chat and email-based technical support to our customers and prospects
  • Proactively ask for feedback and online ratings and reviews
  • Develop documentation, systems and procedures for delivering customer satisfaction
  • Communicate with product team to improve product functionality, resolve issues, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Discover potential opportunities from customer contact and work with product and sales team to meet their needs
  • Escalate unresolved issues as required; maintain ownership of issues through resolution


  • Ability to empathize and understand customer needs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Problem solving, decision making skills and creative thinking skills
  • A professional, can-do attitude
  • No fear when tackling large volumes of customer inquiries
  • Strong computer skills and lightning fast on a keyboard across multiple screens and systems
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Calm demeanor underlying a proactive personality
  • Ambitious, self-motivated, goal-oriented and extremely driven


  • Comprehensive health care plan
  • Weekly happy hour with plenty of prizes
  • Snacks, drinks and an all-round upbeat environment
  • Open plan office where the leaders slow down to teach, mentor and make sure we build something special


How to apply:

Please take a typing test at typingtest.com and submit WPM along with resume & questions below to support.hiring@shippingeasy.com. Applications without questions or typing test submitted will not be considered for employment.

  • What most attracted you to this particular job?
  • If you think about your experience to date, what is most relevant in terms of your ability to perform this role?
  • Tell us about one of your most troublesome customer relationships: how were you able to turn the relationship around?
  • Tell us something unique, interesting or surprising about you!
  • A customer requested a new feature, but the development work list is already packed for the next month. Craft an email that you’d send to this customer letting them know.

You can skip a cover letter! The questions above will tell us plenty.