4 Essential Ways to Meet Customer Shipping Demands

In this cheat sheet, we are revealing consumer perceptions and behavior to help merchants like you win during this unusual 2022 holiday season. The cheat sheet is absolutely free and doesn’t require an email. Learn 4 essential ways to meet customer shipping demands and find success this holiday season! To learn more about ShippingEasy and what we offer merchants, scroll down to see some details. Happy shipping!

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Shipping Made Easy

ShippingEasy’s easy-to-use shipping platform takes hours off the time you spend shipping. Get the industry-best USPS shipping rates and save up to 86% off UPS Daily Rates. Compare rates in one screen so you always know you’re getting the best price. Easy automation reduces the time you spend shipping and removes mistakes, so you can focus on building your business.

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Tools to help you grow

ShippingEasy offers free Branded Tracking tools to help you look professional while keeping your customers informed of their order’s progress. Send emails, SMS messages, and land customers on a unique tracking page with your branding, links, and promo images. No distractions!

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Award-Winning Support

Our multi-award winning Onboarding and Support Teams help you get set up quickly and are here to lend a helping hand, however you need it. Reach out via email, chat, or phone to talk to someone right here in Austin, TX. That’s a promise, y’all!

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