Customer Management
for eCommerce

Finally, customer relationships ---- meet data.
When these join forces, online sellers' email marketing excels.

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How It Works

Check out all the ways ShippingEasy helps you connect with your customers

Email Marketing

Reach customers in their inbox, build relationships, grow your business


Purchase habits, custom notes, lifetime value, and more let you create hyper-targeted email campaigns


Pre-loaded, customizable templates allow you to create the perfect email for your audience


At-a-glance dashboard lets you know how things are running in real-time


Everything you know about your customers, all in one place, so you can perfect their experiences


All customers from all sales channels, with zero restrictions on how many lists you can manage

Everything you need to know about customers —
all in one platform

Stop downloading, uploading and forcing different systems to talk
ShippingEasy hosts your orders, customers and communications from all channels

Marrying shipping software—which houses your customers’ entire purchase history—with a customer management platform creates unlimited segmentation options

Customer management that lives in your shipping software allows for more customization, turning transactional moments into personal ones

Everything you need to know about customers — <br> all in one platform

We’re here for you!

World-class support means you never go at it alone

We’re here for you!

With ShippingEasy, you always have somewhere to turn in times of need. When you call in or open a chat, you get a real person. You can also email us any time you have a question, or visit our support center 24/7 and search a nearly endless list of resources.

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“The support team is amazing at troubleshooting and keeping you in the loop. I’ve been with ShippingEasy for over a year now and absolutely love working with them!” -Jillian at Sweet & Spark

“I cannot see us going back to way we used to manage shipments before. All orders sync with ShippingEasy and with just a few clicks your orders are shipped. Technical support is STELLAR – I wish all tech support personnel were as helpful as ShippingEasy techies. It is worth the investment.” -Herman at Legendary Products

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