DHL Express Shipping with ShippingEasy Shipping Software

Shipping Software for DHL Express

ShippingEasy integrates seamlessly with DHL Express for international shipping. DHL invoices you directly. Connect your website and marketplaces to auto-download orders in real time for shipping. Enjoy advanced automation tools to map designated shipments to DHL Express for expedited shipping.



  • Shipping Rules let you assign DHL Express service options based on IF, THEN type statements
  • IF an international order of a certain value, map to DHL Express
  • Use ConnectEasy to map printing. For example, domestic labels on one printer and international labels routed to another


  • Endless integrations that allow you to work on all major marketplaces: eBay,Amazon, Etsy, and Newegg
  • Include DHL Express tracking numbers with orders
  • Real time status updates back to your Store with tracking number