Business Analyst | ShippingEasy

Business Analyst

Location: 3700 N Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX 78746

Job Type: Full-Time

Reports To: Director of Analytics

Compensation: Competitive with Equity


The Role

ShippingEasy is looking for a results-oriented, customer-focused and data-driven Business Analyst to join the ShippingEasy Analytics team. Reporting to the Director of Analytics, the Business Analyst will be responsible for delivering accurate data on business performance & actionable insights to partners across ShippingEasy, our parent company ( and external partners. Success in the role will be determined by the definition & refinement of the company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), setting goals against these KPIs, measuring performance against these goals and recommending (and when applicable, implementing) actions to drive improved performance.
The role will have responsibilities across three key areas:

  1. Running the Business (Business Operations)
  2. Enabling the Business (Reporting & Business Intelligence)
  3. Driving the Business (Business Analysis, Insights and Forecasting)


Running the Business (Business Operations)
  • Own & continuously improve the revenue recognition systems & processes for existing (SAAS & Shipping) and future revenue streams
  • Support Shipping Rate updates for our customers, working alongside our Technology and Customers Facing teams as well as external partners
  • ​Develop and execute the processes for Internal Sales Team and External Partner commissions, working alongside team members in Sales and Business Development


Enabling the Business (Reporting & Business Intelligence)
  • Develop KPI Reporting for use by ShippingEasy Executive Team and all key business functions (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Business Development and Product & Technology)
  • Own the administration of the Reporting Platform – including user permissions, report scheduling, data definition, and management
  • ​Define, implement and support key data feeds from internal systems as well as from external partners that are necessary for the measurement of business performance and key KPIs
  • ​Increase the usage of ShippingEasy’s reporting platform by key users across the business through evangelism, creation of key reports and training


Driving the Business (Business Analysis, Insights and Forecasting)
  • Develop financial models to forecast the impact of key internal actions and external factors on ShippingEasy KPIs, most importantly Revenue and Customer Growth
  • Leverage historical data and predictive models to identify key historical factors that impact KPIs, and recommend actions to drive future performance


Job Responsibilities
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or a numerate discipline
    Preferred: Information Systems/MIS, Supply Chain, Finance, Economics
  • One to three years of experience writing SQL (Redshift/Postgresql a plus!)
  • Knowledge of BI/Reporting Systems
  • Understanding of Data and ETL Architectures
  • ​Strong use of Excel
  • Excellent communicator, both written and verbal
  • Knowledge of statistical modeling
  • ​Experience creating financial models for the purposes of ROI and Business Forecasting
  • Passion for customers and experience in eCommerce
  • Ability to work cross-functionally to collaboratively understand and deliver on business needs
  • ​Able to balance fun & positive working relationships with direct conversations around business performance
  • Two to four years of experience in business analysis


To Apply:

Please ​email your current resume along with your response to these five questions​ to​ (mandatory to be considered for the role and in lieu of a cover letter):

  • In one or two short sentences, describe what information the query above will show.
  • If you think about your experience to date, what is most relevant in terms of your ability to perform this role?
  • What about the role’s description most interested you?
  • Provide an example of when you’ve been able to influence others using data & share what made you successful.
  • Share an example of a business problem you were able to help solve by leveraging existing data in a different way than had been used in the organization previously.



The opportunity to help build a company from the ground up

  • Comprehensive health care plan
  • Weekly happy hour with plenty of prizes
  • Snacks, drinks and an all-round upbeat environment
  • Open plan office where the leaders slow down to teach, mentor and make sure we build something special