ShippingEasy Features: Summer Updates and Product Releases

Summer Features Update

By Rob Zaleski
Jul 24, 2017
ShippingEasy Features Summer Update

ShippingEasy features have seen some exciting updates and additions over the last couple of months. Between making some under-the-hood improvements to offering completely new services that help eCommerce sellers connect with customers, we have plenty to talk about as summer winds down.

Take a look at all the cool things coming out of our little office in Austin, TX!

On the Shipping front


    • Packing Slips
    • Integrations
    • Automation
      • Instant Label – use Rules to purchase and print label as order comes in

ShippingEasy features July InstantLabel

Roadmap (what’s on our upcoming radar)

  • Logos on Labels
  • ConnectEasy Printer Status in UI (i.e. traffic light)
  • “Combine orders” UI to reduce click count when combining orders
    Move to single Endicia account model

Customer Marketing


ShippingEasy Features Customer Management

  • Stock images

ShippingEasy Features July Stock photos


  • “Set it and forget it” campaigns
    • Ex: 48 hours after shipment is delivered, send a review request
    • Ex: 30 days after a first order, send discount email for second order
  • Create new lists from campaign results
    • Ex: resend email to all unopened recipients
  • Templates for non-campaign buyer communication
    • Ex: email one customer to verify address, but use my letterhead
  • Auto-import subscribers from Shopify
    • Click a button to pull in all of my Shopify buyers

As you can see, our dev team have been some busy bees. We’ll share updates like this every couple of months so you know all about the latest and greatest ShippingEasy features helping you save time and money on your shipping!

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