2021 ShippingEasy Support Holiday Hours

By Rob Zaleski
Nov 5, 2021
ShippingEasy 2019 Holiday Support Hours

The holiday season is nearly upon us. ShippingEasy’s award-winning support team is here to make sure your holidays aren’t naughty but nice. Check out the chart below for the ShippingEasy holiday support hours!

2021 ShippingEasy Support Holiday Hours

DateEmail SupportChat SupportPhone Support
Thursday, November 25
Friday, November 26
(Black Friday)
8am-6pm8am-6pmNot Available
Saturday, November 279am-3pmNot AvailableNot Available
Sunday, November 289am-3pmNot Available Not Available
Monday, November 29
(Cyber Monday)
Tuesday, November 308am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Wednesday, December 18am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Thursday, December 28am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Friday, December 38am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm
Saturday, December 49am-3pmNot AvailableNot Available
Sunday, December 59am-3pmNot AvailableNot Available
Monday, December 68am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Tuesday, December 78am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Wednesday, December 88am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Thursday, December 98am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Friday, December 108am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm
Saturday, December 119am-3pmNot AvailableNot Available
Sunday, December 129am-3pmNot AvailableNot Available
Monday, December 13 8am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Tuesday, December 148am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Wednesday, December 158am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Thursday, December 168am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Friday, December 178am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm
Saturday, December 189am-3pmNot AvailableNot Available
Sunday, December 199am-3pmNot AvailableNot Available
Monday, December 208am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Tuesday, December 218am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Wednesday, December 228am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Thursday, December 238am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Friday, December 24
(Christmas Eve)
8am-4pmNot AvailableNot Available
Saturday, December 25
(Christmas Day)
Sunday, December 26ClosedClosedClosed
Monday, December 278am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Tuesday, December 288am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
December 29
Thursday, December 308am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm
Friday, December 31
(New Year's Eve)
8am-4pmNot Available Not Available
Saturday, January 1
(New Year's Day)
Sunday, January 2ClosedClosedClosed
Monday, January 38am-6pm8am-6pmNot Available
Tuesday, January 48am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm
Wednesday, January 58am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm

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