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inventory management features

Inventory Management Features Spotlight

By Rob Zaleski, Jan 25, 2019

Since its release, ShippingEasy’s inventory management system has only become better! Based on feedback and requests, we’re always adding in new inventory management features to help you run and grow your e-commerce business. Because we know how valuable your time and money are, we want to ensure that you save as much of both of those as possible. This is the main reason behind our Velocity, Forecasting and Replenishment features. These will help you to know what to buy, how much of it, and when, all without ever leaving the ShippingEasy app. We’ll also guide you through your purchase orders to show you exactly what you need during the purchase order setup without having to navigate elsewhere.

Velocity Reporting

Top Sellers!

Everyone wants to know how their products are doing. With your Velocity Reporting through ShippingEasy, you’ll be able to easily see what products are your top sellers and how your overall sales are doing.

Product Health

We’ll break out your rate of sales for each of your products,, and you’ll even be able to see it on an individual store basis. Seeing the products that your customers are most excited about will give you a great base for what to include in marketing blasts and even product recommendations.

No Set Up

ShippingEasy is already tracking your sales via your orders, so there’s no setup required for this feature – it’s ready to go!

Forecast Reporting

Don’t Overbuy

Two words that no one wants to hear are Overage and Shortage! With ShippingEasy Forecast Reporting, we’ll look at your rate of sales to give you an idea of what you need to order and maintain in your inventory to make sure you have lean stock.

velocity forecasting report inventory management features

No Guessing: How? When? What?

Once you set up your Forecast settings, ShippingEasy will help you become strategic with your purchase orders simultaneously establishing what products you need to order, how much you need to order, and when to order.

Quick Implementation

Setup will be quick and painless. Most accounts can enable this in under 2 minutes.

If you’re ready to start saving time, money, and warehouse space, we’re happy to get you up and running now. Check out our quick set up and overview video of inventory management features below.

If you have more questions about our inventory management features or would like to see a live demonstration of how it all works, you can schedule a time with our expert by clicking below.

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Special thanks to our Inventory Management Specialist Shea for her contributions to this article.

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