First Class Package Rate Increase Coming August 28, 2016, Explanation
First Class Package Rate Increase August 2016

First Class Package Rate Increase Coming August 28, 2016, Explanation

By Oliver Trunkett, Aug 11, 2016

Due to a one time rule change in the past, USPS was allowed to inflate rates a bit to increase revenue. When the time on that temporary rule change ran out, First Class Package retail rates dropped to $2.45 for 1-3 ounce packages (cheaper than Commercial rates!), which was welcomed by eCommerce sellers everywhere.

Good days are fleeting, however, and starting August 28, 2016 USPS will increase the retail rate for 1-3 ounce packages up to $2.62, two cents more expensive than Commercial rates.

What does this rate change mean for online sellers?

This new change means that $2.60 will become the lowest Commercial rate available for all First Class Packages weighing 1-8 ounces. You can see the current rates on our best available rates table.

The only real benefit from this is that you won’t have to be so precise in weighting First Class Package items, as it is the same price up to 8 ounces no matter what. You can take your lightest packages and protect them a bit more with more bubble wrap or tougher packaging, if you want.

Of course, ShippingEasy will always offer the lowest prices on shipping, so you can be sure that you will be getting the lowest rates on First Class at all times.


There’s not much to this, just some rate adjustments and the end of a lowered shipping rate many knew was temporary. As the end of the year fast approaches, be on the lookout here for potential rate increases from all major carriers, we’ll cover any changes in detail.

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