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My Drive Home

By Katie May
Oct 29, 2014

We already know that ecommerce is booming. If I needed confirmation, the boxes and deliveries littering the streets I cut through to get home each night from my job here at ShippingEasy tell the story. Even my teenagers now say “let’s just order it” instead of going to the mall. I refuse to do any returns on their behalf and even that pain does not deter them. They like having more selection, price comparison and of course the convenience of buying from their perch on our couch. At work and home, I’m surrounded by the fact that the physical delivery of goods from online sellers of all sizes is essential – yet remains painful even in 2014.

To date, we have invested the majority of our resources at ShippingEasy in a shipping app, making it easy for online sellers to bring in orders from wherever they sell and ship them. Our focus has been on building features, removing steps, automating repetitive tasks and, of course, customizing everything. The objective was to build an easy to use shipping app that online sellers would find straightforward to learn and difficult to leave. Though the solution we built is appropriate for merchants of all sizes, we are acutely aware of the sellers that receive only a handful of orders in a day or week. They don’t really need a “shipping solution” but rather an easy way to print labels. We’ve tinkered with a “Quick Ship” offering but the seller still had to leave the platform or marketplace where the order was sitting. What they really want is a print button that magically prints an accurate shipping label to put on the box.

This is precisely why we got excited about the notion of a shipping widget a few months ago. The concept was that we could take what we’ve built in our app, package it into a few lines of Javascript and enable any marketplace to serve it alongside orders (apologies to team members Theo, Barry and Gregg whose hard work I’m no doubt understating). The seller wouldn’t need to come to ShippingEasy. They wouldn’t need to sign up for yet another app.

Today that is exactly what we launched with EasyShip – a native solution enabling label printing with one click. We’re pretty proud of what this innovation can do for the 700K+ online sellers receiving less than 100 orders per month.

My drive home today will include a toast to the boxes that will arrive with less pain starting now. Sneak preview.

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