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2019: Feature Release

By Endia Turney, Jan 10, 2019

Here are the feature updates for 2018 all in one place.

VIEW full year 2018 Feature Release page to get a feel for our pace and focus



  • Preset Saved Selections for international shipments. New ShippingEasy accounts will include seven preset Saved Selections for international shipments. In addition, existing ShippingEasy accounts (as of January 8, 2019) without any preexisting international Saved Selections will also have preset options added to their account. Preset international Saved Selections make it faster to get started shipping international orders. Learn more about Saved Selections. The preset international Saved Selections are as follows:
    • Intl First Class Package (weight required): for USPS First Class International Package Service shipments using custom packaging.
    • Intl Flat Rate Envelope: for USPS Priority Mail International shipments packed in a Flat Rate Envelope.
    • Intl Large Envelope/Flat – Merchandise: for USPS First Class Mail International shipments packed in a large envelope/flat.
    • Intl Medium Flat Rate Box: for USPS Priority Mail International shipments packed in a Medium Flat Rate Box.
    • Intl Padded Flat Rate Envelope: for USPS Priority Mail International shipments packed in a Flat Rate Padded Envelope.
    • Intl Priority Mail Package (weight required): for USPS Priority Mail International shipments using custom packaging.
    • Intl Small Flat Rate Box: for USPS Priority Mail International shipments packed in a Small Flat Rate Box.

    Also note that the preset international Save Selections will be used by Instant Rate, on the ORDERS page. If no other rate quote has been assigned to an international order, a preset Save Selection will be assigned. Learn more about Instant Rate.

  • Combining orders will combine order totals. When orders are combined in ShippingEasy, some of the order values will be added together. Combined totals can be seen in the order details, shown on packing slips, and included in reports. The following order values will be combined:
    • Shipping paid
    • Sales tax
    • Subtotal
    • Discount
    • Order total

    Note that if the orders being combined had previously been split from the same order, the total amounts are not combined. This is to avoid double-counting, as there are no calculations made when orders are split. Learn more about combining orders.

  • Streamlined multiple package shipment workflow. On the READY TO SHIP page, the popup window for creating multiple package shipments has been redesigned. The changes cut down on data entry and reduce clicks. Key changes include:
    • All the packages for the shipment are shown in a single view.
    • Quick links are available to duplicate or edit any package.
    • The button for adding a package contains a drop down list of all the customer’s saved packages.

    Learn more about adding multiple packages to a shipment.

  • Unique account setup for “other” store platforms. On the WELCOME page, step 1 has been updated for accounts that select “Other” as their preferred store platform. This store type is selected if a store does not integrate directly with ShippingEasy. In this case, orders are typically entered one-by-one or uploaded by CSV file. The changes to “Step 1” make these manual order entry options easier to find. Learn more about setting up a new ShippingEasy account.
  • Customizable Barcode Scan Sheets. The BARCODES & SCAN SHEETS page has the option to create a custom Barcode Scan Sheet for Saved Selections. A drag-and-drop list makes it easy to select the order of the Saved Selections. It also includes the option to insert page breaks. The custom sheets can then be downloaded and printed as needed. This feature helps shippers create scan sheets tailored to each workstation. Learn more about Barcode Scan Sheets.
  • Improved Shipping Rule actions for setting Packing Slip Templates. Before, ShippingEasy had a single Shipping Rule action for assigning a Packing Slip Template to an order. Learn more about Shipping Rules.
    Now, there are two unique actions:

    • Set final packing slip template: this was the original option. It has been renamed to reflect that once the Packing Slip Template is assigned to an order, no other template can be assigned to the order. This action is best when it’s necessary to prevent a subsequent Shipping Rule from overriding the Packing Slip Template. Note that all Shipping Rules created prior to January 9, 2019 that assign a Packing Slip Template will continue to work as they have.
    • Set packing slip template: this new action will assign a Packing Slip Template to an order. And if a subsequent Shipping Rule sets a different Packing Slip Template, then the last Packing Slip Template assigned will be used for the order. This new action is more flexible.
  • Etsy gift messages. Gift messages will now be downloaded with Etsy orders. These can be added to Email and Packing Slip Templates using the variable {{shipment.gift_message}}. Learn more about gift orders.
  • No Jane.com notification emails. ShippingEasy will no longer send shipment and delivery confirmation emails for Jane.com shipments. Since the Jane.com platform always sends shipment confirmation emails, this change prevents confusing communications. Learn more about using Jane.com with ShippingEasy.
  • Updated USPS zip-to-zone database. This internal update ensures that the zone numbers calculated by ShippingEasy continue to match the USPS zone calculations used when a shipping label is purchased.
  • Revised service recommendations. ShippingEasy will suggest lower cost shipping options on the READY TO SHIP page, if any are present. Learn more about the compare rates tool. To provide the best recommendations, USPS Media Mail will no longer be included in the comparison. Media Mail has specific content requirements which do not apply to most shipments. Learn more about Media Mail.
  • READY TO SHIP page issues resolved. Several issues on the READY TO SHIP page have been resolved.
    • When the Fedex International services “Priority Freight” or “Economy Freight” are selected and no dimensions are entered: the error message “Dimensions are required for this service” will be displayed.
    • When the carriers UPS or FedEx are selected, along with a carrier packaging option: the option to add multiple packages to the shipment will not be shown.
    • When an Amazon Prime order has been loaded: the Browse Rates link will not be shown. Learn more about shipping Amazon Prime orders.
    • When the shipment is a duplicate of a manually created return label: it is possible to remove the shipment from the READY TO SHIP page.
  • CSV upload issues resolved. A couple issues seen when uploading CSV files have been resolved.

    • When uploading a CSV file that contains unresolved errors: the “Complete Upload” button is disabled.
    • When uploading a customer address CSV file: the status is displayed when the upload is complete.
  • Registration issue resolved. When entering a credit card on the WELCOME page: Chrome’s “automatic fill” feature can be used to complete the form.
  • Shopify customs form issue resolved. When shipping a Shopify international order and the option to use the discounted price on the customs form is enabled: the line item quantity will be used to calculate the discounted price for the customs form. Learn more about displaying discounted price on customs forms.

Inventory Management:

  • Velocity, Forecasting & Replenishment reporting for Magento2 and Walmart. It is now possible to download 90 days worth of Magento2 and Walmart sales history. This enables Magento2 and Walmart merchants to use ShippingEasy’s Velocity, Forecasting & Replenishment Reporting out-of-the-box, even if you’re new to ShippingEasy. Learn more about Velocity, Forecasting & Replenishment.
  • Auto-refresh stock history status. ShippingEasy shows a “No Stock History” indicator when the stock level for a Product SKU is not confirmed. Now, once a manual stock adjustment has been made to a SKU, the stock history status refreshes automatically and the “No Stock History” indicator is removed. Learn more about stock history.
  • Alphabetize Product Categories. When adding or editing Products, the Product Category drop down list is shown in alphabetical order. This makes it easier to assign the appropriate Category to a Product. Learn more about Product Categories.

Customer Marketing:

  • Amazon campaigns for Canada and Mexico store types. Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Review Requests are now supported for Canada (.ca) and Mexico (.mx) Amazon stores. This enables merchants to reach more of their customers. Learn more about Amazon Campaigns.
  • New Amazon Campaign rules. An option has been added to Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Review Request Campaigns: Exclude customers who have previously left negative feedback. Checking this box prevents ShippingEasy from sending emails to any buyer who ever left negative feedback about the merchant on Amazon.
  • Better Campaign results data. Changed how the “Clicked” % is calculated on the EMAIL CAMPAIGNS page.
    Previously the Clicked % was computed as the number of clicks divided by the number of emails sent:
    [# of clicks] / [# emails sent]
    The new calculation is more precise, dividing the number of recipients who clicked by the number of emails sent:
    [# of recipients who clicked] / [# emails sent]
    This ensures that the results of a campaign are not affected by a recipient who clicks multiple times.
  • Purchasing email credits issue resolved. When attempting to purchase additional email credits for Customer Marketing: the purchase window is displayed correctly.
  • New Automated Campaign issue resolved. When a user starts creating a new Automated Campaign, then leaves the campaign without selecting a template: returning to edit the Automated Campaign will take the user back to Template gallery.
  • Campaign Template issues resolved. A couple display issues have been fixed for the “Thumbs-Up Amazon Seller Feedback” and “Back to School” templates.
  • Amazon Campaign preview issue resolved. When previewing or sending a test of an Amazon Campaign that contains the {{order.feedback_url}} variable: the preview or test will contain a temporary ShippingEasy URL, in order to prevent an error from being displayed.
  • Amazon Product Review Request Campaign issue resolved. When an Amazon order contains a product for which ShippingEasy does not know the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): the Product Review Request email will not be sent.
  • Contact filter issue resolved. When filtering the CONTACTS page by SKU: the message “error loading customer list” will be displayed if an error occurs.
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