AutoShip Predictive Analytics

AutoShip is a ShippingEasy innovation that allows many of our largest customers to print labels without selecting services. It’s kind of like shipping without the decision making. It’s based on historical patterns and the shipping decisions you’ve made in the past. ShippingEasy has taught the machine to make these same decisions with exceptional accuracy.

Reduce order fulfillment time by 91% with AutoShip

See what some of our current AutoShip users have to say

I cannot imagine going back to the old way of batching together orders and assigning saved selection. Autoship predicts and auto-populates the shipping method for us, we just review, press a button and the labels print.

Auto-Ship predicts, we review, press a button and labels print. Learning the program was easy, very intuitive and our employees learned the process with little effort.

By utilizing the AutoShip program, we were able to reduce our shipping process workload by half. Autoship has definitely been a benefit in relation to our business expenditures.